Your-Site Hosting Review

There are three main reasons why you should consider Your-site hosting for your business

1. First of all, the site’s ownership is accessible. You know where management and staff live, so to speak.

Unlike other hosting sites, which don’t seem to want you to know where their headquarters are, Your-site’s contact info is easy to spot. You don’t need a magnifying glass to locate the address, phone number and e-mail. Click on Support and there it is, right under Contact. (The company is located in Hinsdale Massachusetts, by the way.)

2. Management boasts “superior customer service”, and quite a few glowing commentaries from clients back this up.

3. The graphics are cute. An elegantly coiffed grandma with a persnickety expression and a kid with a goofy grin are examples.

All right; those were carrots on a stick. Let’s check into the core offerings and see if the nuts and bolts hold up, too.

Your-Site Core Offerings

• The price? It’s affordable. For $5.00 per month their OnePlan package is currently the only plan available, but it’s all you’re likely to need. And the Your-site team uses the very tools they sell--their site is served off the main customer web server. How’s that for the ultimate in testimonials?

• Your-site has something called free domain parking. If you’ve purchased your domain but won’t be putting your site up right away, you’ll be able to take advantage of type-in traffic.

• Your-site helps you buy or lease a domain by recommending a few registrars for this purpose. The cost is anywhere from $10.00 to $35.00.

• If you haven’t decided on a domain name, Your-site has a free search tool. It will search .com, .net, .org, .info and .us extensions. The site also has a name wizard tool to help you conjure up a suitable name for your site.

• Your-site provides 50 megabytes of disk space. This is a huge difference from some sites which go all the way up to 100,000 megabytes, but Your-site’s clients use 5 megabytes, on the average.

• The site offers 6 gigabytes of transfer space. That’s enough for one-half a billion page hits a month. Now, that’s ambitious!

• Your-site has unlimited e-mail aliases to choose from. You can also use 25 POP accounts or an SMTP relay access if you’re on foreign shores. (SMTP is an underused vehicle. With this feature, you use your regular e-mail application but you don’t have to rely on your e-mail account, or worry about spam filters eating your outgoing e-mail!)

• With unlimited E-mail forwarding, you can visit your satellite offices from time to time.

• Your-site’s detailed stats and private logs provide automated, detailed data reports which are updated several times a day. If you need it, you have access to the raw log file, as well.

• If you’re like most of us that rely on our website to inform and market our services, you need your ftp client to be at your finger tips. That’s why it’s a boon that Your-site offers 24/7 ftp access.

• A cgi-bin option is offered. A cgi-bin is a directory found on web servers which contains annotated links to some of the best web programming, scripting, webmaster resources and web development on the net.

• Your-site offers daily tape backups, just in case.

• The FrontPage 2000 extension means you won’t have to tab back and forth to and from the icon on your desktop when you’re editing your web page.

• RealPlayer Audio and Real Video lets your customers hear and see what you want them to hear and see with what many consider the best media player on the market.

• Your-site has 99.9% guaranteed uptime, which, if you think about it, is a reassuring smidgeon away from 100% computer uptime and, so, is hard to squabble over.

• A money back guarantee of 30 days says a lot about Your-site’s confidence and reliability.

• Do you want to partner with a hosting site? If your business can expand to handle hosting, you might look into the discounts you would earn--both for yourself and for your customers--by registering as a reseller. You might reap the rewards of a wider market.

(By the way, with reselling, Your-site says they’ll have no contact with your customers--if that’s how you’d like it. On the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with the billing end of it they can do that for you via their referral program.)

• The owners are not marketing or business types. They’re down-to-earth self-proclaimed UNIX and Network geeks…and friendly. And that personal touch trickles down. “I’ve been able to speak to a friendly, helpful human being!” gushes one testimonial. “What a concept!”

• The Your-site management team has set up a lively member forum. Over 3,000 informative articles have been posted since 1996.

• The tech support number is not toll-free, but the savvy rep you’ll reach is worth the few dollars you’ll pay for the toll call. (If you can live with a 24-hour response time on weekdays and a 48-hour response time on weekends, e-mail is the preferred method of contact.)

• Finally, Your-site provides all the printable forms your business is likely to need as it grows, and account data changes. The forms include a credit card authorization form.