Creating Dynamic Pages With Windows ASP Hosting

The Evolution Of The Internet
As the Internet has developed and evolved so to has the demand for more dynamic web sites. Surfers require and expect much more from websites than static text with no or very few images. They want multi page websites that give them dynamic elements including web tools, streaming video and audio, forums, blogs, and much more. As web developers the problem of creating these types of additions to websites has become more pertinent and a much greater factor in site development and the choices you have to make. In particular, it is necessary to choose a hosting package that offers the appropriate program support that enables you to add these dynamic elements to your site.

Giving Dynamic Elements To Visitors
ASP is a big seller in terms of Windows hosting. This is because it is one of the most useful methods to create dynamic pages and allow various applications to communicate with one another via your web host. Windows ASP hosting requires your hosting provider to offer a Windows 2003 based server, which is the platform that the vast majority of Windows servers do use.

A Recognizable User Interface
One of the major advantages of Windows ASP hosting is the user friendliness and intuitiveness of the software. Anyone that is accustomed to the use of Windows operating systems will instantly recognize the Windows graphical interface as they bear striking resemblance to one another for understandable reasons. This also means that it is much easier for developers that are well versed with Windows applications to create dynamic pages. Of particular note is the ability to develop sites using Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Access or MySQL.

The Cost Of Windows ASP Hosting
Of course, the biggest notable disadvantage of Microsoft ASP hosting and development is the cost. Almost all of the software required for development is created and sold by Microsoft. When compared to the free software that most developers use to create Linux sites, the cost is blatantly very high. You will struggle to find free scripts or free applications, for example, that enable you to run a blog or a forum on your Windows website.

Stability And Security Considerations
There are several factors that you must consider when looking for Microsoft ASP hosting. The first and foremost consideration is stability and security. Windows servers are prone to hacking and unlike Unix or Linux hosting it relies on the development of fixes from just one source – Microsoft. Where Unix is open source meaning anyone can view, amend, or add to the source code Microsoft does not offer this option. Try to ensure that your host is as up to date as possible with all of the latest patches, security updates, and software updates related to your Windows hosting. Some responsibility must fall with you, as the webmaster, but ensuring that everything is up to date at the hosting end of your website is the first step to take.

The Windows 2003 Server Offers More Security
The Windows 2003 server is, in terms of vulnerability to hacker attack, a vast improvement over earlier versions. However, security is still a big issue for Windows hosted websites. If security is a very serious concern for your site then you should consider the use of a Linux based web host instead.

Cost Effectiveness
Cost will undoubtedly play a part in choosing a Windows host. Fewer hosts offer Windows hosting because the initial investment required is greater. This means that there is also less competition to host your Windows based site leading to fairly stagnant prices and fewer features. Be careful to shop around for the very vest deals but also ensure that you don’t compromise quality or stability of service by chasing those extra few bucks.

Microsoft ASP Hosting Conclusion
Windows is the most popular desktop platform available, but in terms of server software it plays second fiddle to Unix hosting. However, Windows ASP hosting is perfect for anyone that wishes to utilize Windows Office features (such as Access or Excel) or stream Windows media files on their website. By shopping around to find the best deal with the most reliable host it should be possible to keep the costs down fairly substantially.