What is Google Base?

Google are hardly renowned for resting on their laurels. The fact that they are the most used and talked about search engine in the world has been brought about partially by the regular release of new and innovative products. Many of these products have caused a massive storm as soon as the first words have been uttered but there is one that hasn’t quite the headlines in the usual manner – Google Base.

Still in Beta, “Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of online and offline content” according to Google themselves. It sounds similar in principle to the numerous directories that are abound on the Internet except that absolutely anyone can post any type of information and, importantly, include their own attributes to enable easier and more accurate searches.

All information posted to Google Base could potentially show up on any of the Google network of sites that includes Google, Froogle, and many more. It has been in Beta for some months now, with reports that silent testing actually began in October of 2005, but presumably a lot of the time will be taken up ensuring that black hat SEOs do not manage to spam the remainder of the Google network. However, there is bound to be some way to legitimately use the service to promote your sites and other content.

Watch this space for more information as it becomes available.

Visit the Google Base Beta site at http://base.google.com