Web.com Hosting: Focusing on the Needs of Small Businesses
Helping Customers with Their Website Needs Since 1995

Web.com is a well known provider of web hosting services, because customers find their tools and navigating systems to be easy to use. Web.com works hard to meet the needs of all customers, providing the best web hosting equipment, tools for business owners to improve the visual aspects of their sites, and a wonderful customer service department.

Web.com has helped design and maintain more than 4 million websites around the world. They have been helping customers with their website needs since 1995, which is longer than almost any other web hosting service provider out there. With this kind of reputation, you know that you are dealing with a company that has experience satisfying customers. They are devoted to helping businesses of all sizes succeed in the e-commerce market.

Web.com takes pride in helping business owners with the technical issues that come with running a website. Most business owners find trying to keep up with it to be exhausting, so working with Web.com gives them the opportunity to focus their energy somewhere else. This web hosting company has won several prestigious awards over the years for excellence in web hosting services.

There are three main types of services provided by Web.com – Design Services, Search Marketing, and Developer Marketing. Design Services are part of a do it yourself network. Customers simply connect and communicate through pointing and clicking. It is very fast and very easy. There are three plans to choose from. A website alone is $9.95 per month for hosting. A website with Marketing is $19.95 per month. The best offer is a Website with Marketing and E-commerce for $49.95. There is no setup fee for any of these plans.

Search Marketing involves using MyEZClicks, which is a very low cost search engine marketing service. Using this service, your business will be featured on over 30 search engines. With a monthly investment of $39.95, this method of marketing is proven to produce increases in traffic to your website, often resulting in increased sells as well.

Developer Marketing is an innovative idea by Web.com. This offers customers a powerful and reliable resource for adding details and drawing customer’s attention to what your website has to offer. A Windows hosting plan is $15.95 per month, while a Linux hosting plan runs $11.95 per month. For those business owners who want a dedicated server without the cost, consider the Web.com VPS Hosting. The VPS Standard Plan provides outstanding service for only $49.95 per month. The VPS Root Plan is $69.95

If you are unsure which of these many plans will work best for your business, contact a sales representative of Web.com. They will be glad to explain to you what plans best fit your business. The final decision is still yours to make. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer assistance with questions about what plan to choose, general questions, concerns, and technical issues.

Customer service agents are continually trained in the lasted technology and updates. This ensures the customer will always be given accurate information that is current. You can contact customer service by email or phone. Most emails are answered within a few hours.

Web.com has shown they are a leader of web hosting services in the industry. They have provided services for over 4 million customers, many of which are loyal customers who have been with them for years, establishing a solid pattern of excellence. Customers can feel comfortable that all of their website needs will be met while in the hands of Web.com. In addition, many customers have been able to entice more consumers to their website using the marketing features and web design tips available at Web.com. Their customer service team is dedicated to making a difference. They understand that running an internet business means everything behind the scenes has to be working efficiently around the clock.