The Ups and Downs of Virtual Hosting
Before you can decide if virtual hosting is right for you, you must have a basic understanding of how this form of hosting works.
Virtual server hosting is much like renting space in a building if you have an apartment, only in this case you will be renting server space. Your website will not be hosted on its very own server. In fact, you will be sharing a server with other web-hosting customers. The sever will be the host for several different websites at one time.

All forms of web hosting services have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. There are many benefits to using virtual hosting services. However, there are also a few potential pitfalls. Let us first review some of the benefits.

You will be able to purchase your own domain name instead of using a sub domain. This allows you to have a domain matching the name of your business or website. Your business or website will gain more credibility as well as its own identity this way.

Virtual hosting services are very cost effective services. Hosting packages generally include plenty of bandwidth and disk space for the money. You can find many hosting plans for $10 or less a month that include a wide variety of features and applications.

Virtual hosting services are typically more reliable than free hosting services. Most plans include high rates of uptime. In fact, many virtual hosting plans include an uptime guarantee of 99.9% or better. Most virtual hosting plans are very dependable and can be used for personal and business websites.

There are an abundance of hosting providers with a variety of hosting choices for consumers. Therefore, everyone from individuals to web developers and even small businesses can usually find a hosting plan that provides excellent service, great value as well as all the necessary features.


You are sharing the server with other websites. Therefore there is always the risk that a web host is hosting too many websites on the server. This could affect the speed and function of your own website.

If you have a large business or ecommerce site, virtual server hosting might not be able to handle the traffic and size of your website. The services might not meet the hosting needs of your ecommerce site. It is possible that you would need a faster and more powerful hosting solution.


Virtual hosting services are an excellent choice for a majority of websites. There are many hosting packages available that offer a great deal of disk space, bandwidth and features. Virtual hosting services provide customers with a great deal for their money.