ValueWeb Hosting Review

A Hosting Provider With Variety
ValueWeb is a leading online hosting provider. Their services include e-commerce solutions, website design, online marketing, Web hosting, and dedicated servers.

With such a variety of offerings, their clients extend from individuals to mid-sized businesses. So, just what kind of value can you find for your money?

ValueWeb Express
There are also many extras included with this plan, including a $25 credit to Google AdWords, their CreateItOnline! website builder, and their ValueWeb Express shopping cart. This is a very affordable plan for any online merchant and is great for start-up businesses who want to get their products out there to the public, but cannot yet afford to spend $100 a month. Small business owners should jump on this opportunity because it is difficult to find such a great merchant plan at such a low price.

ValueWeb Advanced plan
With this plan you get 30 extra gigabytes of disk space (for a total of 50 GB), double the amount of allowable website traffic, and double the amount e-mail addresses. Not only do you also get the CreateItOnline! website builder and the ValueWeb Advanced shopping cart, but you also get a $50 credit to Google AdWords. This plan is good for small business owners who have been in business for some time and have a nice offering of products and/or a heavier traffic flow through their website than the ValueWeb Express can handle.

ValueWeb Pro
With the ValueWeb Pro, you get 100 GB of disk space, 4000 GB of allowable website traffic, and 200 e-mail addresses -- along with the CreateItOnline! website builder, the $50 Google AdWords credit, and the ValueWeb Pro shopping cart. This large package costs just under $80 a month an is good for mid-sized businesses who have a lot of products to showcase or who have a regular flow of heavy traffic in and out of their website.

ValueWeb also offers twelve dedicated server packages

While most competitors only have two or three available dedicated server packages, ValueWeb has one of the largest dedicated server varieties currently out there. The two lowest priced plans each have an Intel 2.8 GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, an 80 GB hard drive, and 2,000 GB of allowable web traffic. One is $99 a month for a Linux based server and the second is $124 a month for a Windows based server. The plans continue to grow until you reach the vPower 5000 mega-plans, which are $799 a month. There are also several types of software available with your package. This list includes control panels (such as Ensim Basic X for Linux, Ensim Pro X for Linux or Windows, Ensim Power Tools, and Plesk), databases (such as MS SQL 2000, MS SQL 2005 Workgroup Edition, and MySQL), statistics (such as Urchin Web Stats and Miva Merchant), and backups (such as StoreIT! Backup). These big dedicated server packages are great for large mid-sized business -- and up -- that want a variety of choices and the freedom to decide what software programs are running their website.

No matter which of these great plans decide to subscribe to, you can also choose to have a Linux based or Windows based plan. Each plan also allows you access to around-the-clock phone support, so that any problems you have can be handled quickly no matter what time of the day it may be.

When you choose ValueWeb, you open yourself up to a world of choice -- especially for dedicated server clients who are used to being limited in what they have to choose from. For the freedom and value that you deserve, check into the great variety of deals offered by ValueWeb.

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