Surefire Trading: Foolproof Trading Methods That Will Make Your Broker Jealous

Are You Making Money EVERY Single Day? Or Are you losing money because you’re following poor advice or using an outdated and mediocre trading system?
Whether you trade in Commodities, Forex, Futures, Stocks or any other market, Surefire Trading has the answers you need to become successful and achieve the financial freedom that you deserve.

Surefire Trading tutorials cover a broad range of topics for traders of all levels including tutorials specifically designed for beginners, those traders who are involved in the Futures Market, Forex traders and everyone else in between.
Surefire Trading offers tons of free advice from some of the world’s most sought-after trading professionals. Their valuable secrets are available for instant download, so that you can start making money immediately. The following is just a sample of the fantastic information that is available from Surefire Trading:

Surefire Trading Plans

There are so many great trading plans out there and until now they have been locked away in the minds of some of the best and brightest trading professionals who have achieved extraordinary success in a wide range of trading markets. But what makes them so special? Can they see into the future? Do they know something that the rest of us do not?

Perhaps they do know something we don’t know, but you would be amazed at how easy their methods really are. The difference between success and failure is usually determined by simple common sense and nothing more. Small details like money management or where to put your stop loss can actually make the difference.
The “Surefire Trading Plans” will help you to focus on the subtle nuances of trading that can make or break you.

All traders have their own ideas of how to play the market, but if you don’t open your eyes to new ideas, you will become stuck in a rut and the market will control you, not the other way around. It is absolutely crazy to believe that you will ever crack the code of your specific market unless you experiment with different methods and with the “Surefire Trading Plan” tutorial, you can learn exactly what will turn your fortune around, from the best and brightest in the business.

With “Surefire Trading Plans” you will learn three different trading methods and one of them is guaranteed to boost your profit as well as your confidence. Your trading method hasn’t been working, so now is the time to try three methods that the big boys use. Once you have learned a new trading method, the “Surefire Trading Plans” tutorial will teach you how to apply what you have already learned and combine it with your own experiences to create your own personalized plan and put it into action.

Once completed, you will have the ability to apply your plan to any trading market, overcome all of the personal obstacles that have been keeping you from success and use money management to actually turn a profit. Even if you are a beginner, “Surefire Trading Plans” can help. As part of your tutorial, you will also receive, “Trading for Beginners.”

Traders Secret Code

Why are some traders successful while most are not? Is there some secret code to daily market trends that only they are able to crack? Believe it or not the answer is, “yes,” and now you can learn, in detail, the exact nature of the secret code behind market movements. Regardless of what market you choose to trade, the “Traders Secret Code” tutorial is your secret to success.

To understand the secret to cracking the code, we must first travel back in time more than 800 years to the time of mathematician, Leonardo of Pisa (also known as Fibonacci). Many traders attempt to use the Fibonacci number sequence and apply to the markets, but few know how to use it correctly.

“Traders Secret Code” will not only help you to understand Fibonacci’s number sequence and how it works but, more importantly, how and when to apply it to the market.

“Traders Secret Code” will also teach you to understand and apply “The Golden Ratio,” a special mathematical code used to help the Egyptians build the great pyramids and found occurring in the galaxy, in nature and, amazingly, within the markets.

These codes and more can be easily learned and applied by anyone. However, if you are new to the markets, this tutorial may be a bit over your head and you may want to start with Surefire Trading’s “Trading for Beginners.”

How to Trade the Future’s Market

Regardless of whether the market is going up or down, “How to Trade the Future’s Market” will give you insight into how to reap consistent profits through day trading in the real world, using surefire scientific methods developed by the some of the best and brightest traders in the business.

With the “How to Trade the Future’s Market” tutorial you can successfully read and anticipate the future’s market, learn what really drives it and learn the most fundamental skills of futures trading and how to apply them.

By learning to read the market, one can successfully anticipate movement and become acutely aware of its strengths and weaknesses. Only then, can one gain a true understanding of market flow and reap the benefits. “How to Trade the Future’s Market” will teach you how to do just that.

This invaluable manual will show you how to:

- Understand and apply the high/low trend following strategy and profit from it.
- Learn the most important lessons in successful trading from the experts.
- Understand and apply the key components to successful futures trading.
- Correctly read an individual price bar.
- Understand the trading revolution and how it affects you.
- Understand and apply direct access futures trading as the only option for day traders.
- Understand everything you need to know about the future’s market and how to trade successfully.
- To read and profit from the Depth of Market (DOM).
- To read volume.
- Understanding the history of the futures exchange can help you to become a successful trader.
- To trade the E-Mini S&P, FTSE100 and DAX futures.
- Use the trailing stop.
- Read multiple bars.
- Tell when a trend has reversed.
- Use volume to anticipate tops and bottoms.
- Execute trades efficiently and effectively.
- Maintain an objective and focused mind.
- Block out fear.
- Manage your money.
- Use a Direct Access trading platform.
- And so much more…

“How to Trade the Futures Market” also comes with the Market Master Trading Simulation Program which will allow you to practice trading contracts from LIFFE, CBOT, CME, and Eurex and others. Market Master reads market data files that can easily be created by anyone with access to real-time or historical data and it comes with up to 6 months of data for E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Nasdaq and FTSE100.

With Market Master Trading Simulation Program you can:

- Practice trading any market.
- Make entries to simulate the impact of commissions, slippage and the spread.
- Take data from the market so that, as you practice, you can prepare yourself to trade live.
- Enter market orders, stop orders and MIT orders.
- Follow a detailed overview of your position and your performance throughout the day.
- Follow a chart of your equity within the history window, giving valuable feedback as to your trading profile.
- Gain years of trading experience in just a few weeks.
- And much more…

Included in the “How to Trade the Future’s Market” package, you will find:

The “How to Trade the Futures Market” manual.
The Market Master Trading Simulation Program.
“The High/Low Trend Following Trading Strategy.”
6 months of intraday data for FTSE100 Futures, E-Mini S&P500 Futures, and E-Mini Nasdaq100 Futures for use with the Market Master Trading Simulation Program.
“The Truth about Fibonacci Trading.”
“The 123 System”
“Breaking the Broker Myth”
“The Pocketbook of Economic Indicators”
“The Art of War”
The Day Trading Mind”
“The Traders Secret Library,” featuring 80 informative trading articles including such titles as:

“Enormous Profits Small Risk”
“ Moving Averages That Work”
“ Trading Systems”
“ Pivot Points”
“Relative Strength Index”
“Multiple Time Frames”
“ High Probability Spikes”
“The Easy Way To Cut Losses”
“ Maximum Profit Targets”
And more…

It is rare that a day trading tutorial is chock full of such valuable information for one low price, but with Surefire Trading’s “How to Trade the Future’s Market,” you will get more than you could have ever imagined.

Trading For Beginners

If you are new to trading and a little nervous about getting your feet wet, this should be the first tutorial you purchase. “Trading for Beginners” is an easy to understand, no nonsense scientific approach to trading that everyone should have.

“Trading for Beginners” will not only teach you how to trade properly, like a pro, it will help you turn a trading profit, trade three different systems, manage your risk, how to be right just 50% of the time and still turn a profit, the basics of trading, how to use technical analysis, how to use probability to give you an edge, and so much more.

“Trading for Beginners” features 103 pages of hard-hitting facts that will start you on the road to successful trading. In addition to “Trading for Beginners,” you will also receive “The Traders Secret Library,” featuring 80 informative trading articles as well as “The 123 System,” “Breaking the Broker Myth,” “The Pocketbook of Economic Indicators,” “The Art of War,” “The Day Trading Mind,” “Introduction to FOREX,” “A Practical Guide to Swing Trading,” and “The E-Book of Technical Market Indicators.”

“Trading for Beginners” is perfect for new traders or those who have been losing profit in the market and need a refresher course.

In addition to valuable trading tutorials, Surefire Trading offers free subscriptions to useful trading lessons that can help you to begin trading like a pro by using scientific strategies that have, until now, only been available to top trading professionals. As a bonus, when you subscribe to Surefire Trading’s free newsletters, you will receive “The Pocketbook of Economic Indicators,” as a free bonus.

There is always a risk involved in trading and the tutorials and articles offered by Surefire Trading will by no means solve all of your financial problems, but they can help you take the guesswork out of trading by introducing you to proven scientific methods for success. By following the Surefire Trading Methods and using effective risk controls, it is our goal to help you have more winners than losers and for your winners' gains to be larger than your stopped out losses. Any market including Futures, Forex, Stock, and Options trading is not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the Surefire Trading Plans methodology will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses.