StartLogic Hosting Review
Initial Impressions
Glowing reviews abound, for this most trusted web host. StartLogic offers excellent value with very generous plans for bare minimum monthly prices.
How can they offer Unlimited bandwidth for under 6 bucks a month???
Whether it’s reasonable or not, that’s exactly what StartLogic is doing. $5.95 per month gets you the HUGE-VALUE and feature-rich ProLogic package.. and you may be surprised to learn exactly what this includes.
ProLogic Plan
The ProLogic plan offers a considerable punch that many cheap hosts simply cannot match. There is plenty of space for the majority of people looking for an affordable hosting package and the only time it might not be enough would be for graphics and video heavy sites with a Youtube amount of traffic.

Even then, the 300GB storage UNLIMITED combined with the 3000 GB of bandwidth UNLIMITED enables loads of visitors to access your site over any given period. A free domain name as well as unlimited emails with web access are also extremely noteworthy additions to the service.

This service supports :

  • Frontpage extensions,
  • CGI-Bin
  • PHP
  • PerlScripts
  • MySQL
  • SSL Secure Server

to name just a few. You also receive access to over a hundred website design templates to help you design and build a clean and crisp looking website. The FTP manager also makes it much easier to upload the finished product onto the server, and means your site will be live immediately. Pre configured scripts include: form mail, guestbook, bulletin board, PHP Nuke, Chat among others. If you are looking for an affordable solution to host your own dynamic website that offers excellent user interactivity then this is the plan for you.

WindowsLogic Plan
The WindowsLogic plan offers more space and web transfer capabilities. Again you receive a free domain and unlimited email accounts and, again, your emails can be accessed as web mail as well as through your desktop email client. The Vdeck 2.0 control panel offers intuitive and simple but effective controls to manage your website from any computer at any time.

FrontPage support comes as standard and Active Server Page (ASP) and .NET support are also offered. For the statistic watchers among you there are extensive site statistics and web analytics offered through the control panel as well as logs of usage and other data. As you would expect from any Windows hosting package you have the capability to run a wide variety of multimedia files on your website including MIDI, video, and many more. For a complete branding service for your online company or your website you have the capability to design and update your logo and slogan as well as the potential to personalize error screens.

Virtual Servers
If your hosting needs are a little more complex without reaching the stage of needing a dedicated server then there are three virtual server packages available that you might want to consider. Ranging in price from $29.95 to $49.95 per month, the virtual server packages have enough disk space and traffic for all levels of webmasters.  All packages come complete with the Virtuozzo control panel allowing full control over your virtual server. Plesk is also included that offers non-technical users the point and click ability to change what would otherwise be considered technical settings.

Dedicated Servers
For as little as just $99 per month you can have your own dedicated server allowing complete control and total power over your website and online presence. Celeron, Athlon, Pentium, and Dual Xeon plans are available offering a broad scope of disk space starting from 80GB and rising to as much as 1,000GB and data transfer from 500GB to 3,500GB. All servers are stored in an expansive and secure 15,000 square foot data center that is completely state of the art and perfect for you whatever your needs.

Domain Names
Domain name purchases can also be made through StartLogic and are available at incredibly low rates. You pay only the same as StartLogic themselves pay, usually around $6.50 per annum per domain. Don’t forget that a free domain is included with every single package that is offered. Included with every domain purchase is a parked page, domain and email forwarding, DNS control and domain locking.

All packages come complete with a 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as technical support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Beginners and experienced webmasters can have their questions answered by technically minded and extremely knowledgeable support staff. As well as offering a toll free 1-800 number, StartLogic also utilize a support ticket system and a support email address.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
A 30-day full money back guarantee with no questions asked tops off an incredibly powerful and user orientated service that is difficult to compare with other services. The price alone makes it virtually incomparable but when you factor in the wide range of services and extensive support that is also offered it is virtually impossible to see how the StartLogic service can be equaled, never mind bettered.

The StartLogic Support Section
The support section of the StartLogic site is one of the most expansive seen for a hosting company. The community forums and knowledgebase should be among your first ports of call if you run into any trouble. The user forum can be easily searched for any posts related to the topic you are looking for and will offer advice from existing customers that may have suffered a similar difficulty to your own. The extensive knowledgebase also presents a similar opportunity with advice and step-by-step instructions on how to get round most problems you are likely to face.

The download database holds all documents you are likely to need. This includes help and how to files for dealing with PLESK, DNS, SSH, FTP, and change of ownership documents. The downloads section also contains useful tools that you may need when uploading and managing your site. The news and announcements section of the StartLogic website also holds information of any critical updates or announcements that can prove useful under some circumstances.

If all else fails you are able to submit a support ticket and check its status online. Support tickets ensure a smooth flow and passage of information between StartLogic and their customers. Every ticket is assigned its own unique ID, which you are provided with once you complete the ticket form, and all future correspondence regarding that ticket can be found using that ID.

Free Advertising
As an added bonus all customers that take out any of the hosting plans will receive up to $50 free in Yahoo or Google advertising funds. These can be use to drive your first customers to your site. Google and Yahoo are two of the biggest search engines and advertising with either, or indeed both of them can provide a comparative rush to your site.

StartLogic Conclusion
The hosting of your website is one of the most important aspects you will face when setting up a new site. StartLogic not only assists in the hosting but they also provide a number of free bonuses that are almost invaluable. A free domain name is available with every single host package for every single customer and further domains are available at a steeply reduced rate per annum. Even the domain names come with their own free bonuses. Domain parking and domain and email forwarding are some of these features.

StartLogic earns our highest rating possible, and is among the very best hosting choices available.

Unlimited email addresses come as standard with all packages providing you the benefit of being able to set up multiple accounts that can either be accessed through an email client on your desktop or via an online webmail form. The free advertising credit offered by StartLogic can kick start any online advertising campaign and ensure that your site gets off on the right foot.

The combination of impressively low prices and equally impressive features and bonuses make StartLogic one of the best possible online hosting solutions. When you include the extensive level of support offered by the knowledgebase, forum, toll free number, email, and ticket support system it is easy to see exactly why StartLogic can boast a customer base of over 70,000 domains.

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