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If you were to look up the term “super affiliate” in the dictionary, you would most certainly find a picture of Ewen Chia. Ewen has consistently made enormous sums of money as an Internet marketing affiliate for a very long time, and his success has been so significant that few have been able to duplicate it.
While many people have peaks and valleys earnings wise, few have been able to make money as an affiliate day in and day out.
When others have crashed and burned in this industry, Ewen has continued to make good money over and over again. By implementing some basic marketing principles to his overall strategy, Ewen has been able to enjoy unprecedented levels of success. He is now sharing his innovative techniques with the rest of the public, so now you too can share his level of success as an affiliate.
The Secret Affiliate Weapon will show you how to build an unlimited stream of income by becoming an Internet marketing affiliate.

Ewen’s system works by teaching you all of his secret techniques for making a fast, simple and consistent stream of income day after day, month after month. The best part about his system is that you do not need to create or develop a product, you do not need a website and you do not have to build, create or purchase any prospect or opt in lists! The secret affiliate weapon gives you all the perks of having your own Internet business without all the hassles. If you have been wondering how so many people have been able to make so much money on the Internet, then this product is for you!
The Secret Affiliate Weapon will also show you how to build mutually beneficial relationships with merchants, customers, subscribers, prospects, partners and even competitors.
This is a very important part of affiliate marketing that many people fail to pay attention to, and the performance of their campaigns start to fail as a result. Ewen understands that business relationships are based on trust and that you must build that trust in order to get people to purchase or invest in your product or service. He has proven himself over and over again, and he has an industry reputation for promoting only the most legitimate, high quality and reliable products. People know that they are getting a solid product when they buy from Ewen, and that is why they keep coming back. This kind of credibility and consumer loyalty translates into repeat business and high rates of conversion for Ewen’s affiliate marketing campaigns. The Secret Affiliate Weapon will teach you how to earn a name for yourself in the affiliate marketing industry, how to build client relationships, how to quickly gain legitimacy and credibility and how to successfully carve out a niche market for yourself.

In an industry where over 97 percent of Internet marketing affiliates earn less than a few hundred dollars a month, Ewen will show you how to regularly make hundreds of dollars every day!
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Affiliate marketing is the practice of using an independent agent to help promote a product or service that you are trying to sell. These agents are called affiliates and they are usually compensated for every sale, registration, conversion or other desired customer action that is generated as a direct result of the efforts of the affiliate.
Sometime an affiliate will work with one merchandiser or client exclusively, while others choose to deal with a wide variety of retails, clients and merchandisers. Affiliate marketing uses the concepts of word of mouth advertising and applies those principles to Internet bases business transactions. The affiliate is able to refer a wide variety of customer that the merchandiser himself may not be able to reach, which is why this kind of promotion is so successful. Affiliate marketing is now the fastest growing and most profitable form of marketing on the Internet, and it has completely changed the way that buyers and sellers do business on the World Wide Web. It is estimated that companies and individual merchants who incorporate affiliate programs in their overall marketing strategy have seen an increase in their profits of up to 20 percent.

Affiliate marketing has become so popular because it creates a win-win situation for all parties involved.
Merchants and retailers benefit from affiliate marketing because they get to promote their products and services to a large audience within a very short period of time. Affiliates benefit because they are able to secure a commission every time they generate a conversion and there is no limit to the amount of money they can make.
The monumental success of Affiliate Marketing has grabbed the attention of the nation’s top corporations, and now multi-million dollar companies like, Petsmart,, Staples and others are now implementing affiliate marketing programs into their marketing strategy.
Affiliate marketing has become so popular that new companies have been created for the primary purpose of administering and managing affiliate marketing programs. Commission Junction, Linkshare, Performics and other businesses have been created to help individual merchants and companies get the best results out of their affiliate marketing programs. This rapid growth leaves plenty of opportunity for you to make a great deal of money as an affiliate.
There are literally thousands and thousands of businesses and individuals out there looking for people just like you to assist with promoting their goods and services. Not only are there a ton of people out there looking for affiliates, but there are also several different kinds of affiliate marketing programs out there for you to join. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular forms of affiliate marketing campaigns:

Pay Per Click. This is the most popular type of affiliate marketing campaign, and it is also one of the easiest kinds of affiliate programs to run. The simplicity of pay per click programs makes them ideal for beginners who are looking to gain experience with running affiliate marketing programs. Pay per click affiliate marketing campaigns are conducted by creating a unique ad promoting your client’s goods or services. The affiliate is then paid a commission every time a prospect clicks on the ad, regardless if the prospect actually makes a purchase or not.
Pay per lead. This type of affiliate marketing program is very popular with individuals and business that want to increase the number of free and/or paid members of their sites as well as build their opt in mailing lists. This kind of affiliate program is run by directing prospects to a particular link, website or ad. The affiliate is then paid a commission for every conversion that is generated as a direct result of his or her efforts. A conversion can be a completed request for information, a registration, or a completed membership.
Pay per call. This particular type of affiliate campaign is very popular with companies that still use telemarketing and other telephone based sales and service. Pay per call campaigns work by directing prospects to the client's toll free sales or service number. The affiliate is then compensated every time a prospect calls the client's toll free number, regardless if they actually make a purchase or not.
Pay per sale. These campaigns follow the same word of mouth and referral bonus model that countless "traditional" companies have used to drum up business for ages. With pay per sale campaigns, the affiliate refers as many people as possible to the client and whatever products or services they provide. The affiliate is then paid a commission every time the prospect makes a purchase.
Pay per impression. This campaign is similar to pay per click in that is requires the affiliate to create and distribute some kind of text ad. Unlike pay per click, the affiliate is compensated a flat fee every 1000 times that the ad is viewed or displayed.
As you can see, there is an affiliate marketing program out there for everyone, and there are more than enough opportunities available for you to build multiple streams of income.
You can’t afford to miss this golden opportunity, and the Secret Affiliate Weapon will help you make the most out of whatever affiliate marketing campaign you choose.
If you think that becoming a super affiliate will require a significant investment of time or money on your part, think again! One of the best things about being an affiliate is that you are spared from the common headaches that are associated with being self-employed or having your own business.
Here is a brief summary of just a few of the things that you DON'T have to deal with as an affiliate:

• Shipping products
• Paying excessive overhead costs
• High start-up costs
• Hiring, managing and firing employees
• Creating a website
• Keeping inventory
• Paying copywriting and trademark costs
• Dealing with customers
• Providing technical support
• Paying product development expenses

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet. If you have the right strategy, the Secret Affiliate Weapon will show you exactly what you need to do to make thousands of dollars every single month as an internet marketing affiliate.
The Secret Affiliate Weapon will show you in advance which affiliate marketing campaigns are making money and which ones are not. You will also learn which top secret industry tricks that pros use to generate top commissions every month. And remember, you are getting all of your information from the world’s top grossing Internet Affiliate Marketer, so you are getting the highest quality and most reliable information possible.
As an added bonus, Secret Affiliate Weapon subscribers will also gain exclusive access to Ewen’s “Instant Traffic” tool. This exciting new feature will help you receive massive amounts of high-quality, targeted traffic to your website, affiliate site or pay per click campaign every single day! These are actual real-life people coming to your site, not robots, trick software or some other kind of click fraud scheme. Ewen guarantees that the people clicking on your ads and logging on your website or affiliate site are real and are legitimately interested in your product and what you have to offer. This feature easily sells on its own for hundreds of dollars, but Ewen is offering it to Secret Affiliate Weapon subscribers as an added bonus absolutely free!

Are you new to Internet marketing and don’t know where to start? Well, don’t worry because Ewen has a product just for you.
When you purchase the Secret Affiliate Weapon, you will also receive “Quick Start Affiliate Profits”, an exclusive training manual made specifically for people who do not have a lot of experience in affiliate marketing. This informative manual will show you the basics of affiliate marketing and how to get your first campaign started. Ewen will show you how to promote just about any affiliate marketing campaign you can think of and how to generate huge amounts of traffic and profits. Even if you know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing, you will be able to make a great deal of money using this guide. For a limited time, this bonus is available to Secret Affiliate Weapon subscribers at no additional cost to you.
In addition to these exciting features, you will also receive access to the Secret Affiliate Weapon database and the Mega Profits Program. The Secret Affiliate Weapon database is an up to the minute information clearinghouse that gives you real time information on which affiliate marketing programs to join, what products and niches are the most profitable and what techniques are guaranteed to make you money. The database also includes affiliate how-to lists that will give you additional assistance on how to make the most out of your campaign.

This kind of software can easily sell for as much as 500 dollars, but Ewen is selling the Secret Affiliate Weapon for the
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