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Microsoft's Xbox 360 is one of the most in-demand entertainment game consoles ever. In fact, there was a scarcity of this product last year resulting in higher prices and longer waiting lines. Today, Xbox 360 is still among the top gaming consoles in the market with 60% of Xbox owners using Xbox live or Xbox online. With more than 5 million units sold, and on-going steep demand, Xbox sellers can be sure that Xbox will be one of the most profitable products in their inventory.

Online Xbox Sales Issues

There are, however, two main issues an Xbox seller has to overcome before being able to maximize his profits from this product.

The first one refers to product sourcing
looking for the right wholesale and/or drop-ship supplier. There are a lot of companies posing as wholesalers, but the truth is that most are nothing more than middlemen that cut into your overall profits. Furthermore, these internet "wholesalers" usually charge monthly fees, thereby further decreasing your profit margin.

It is also surprising to know that most legitimate wholesalers do not advertise on the internet. If you consider that these legitimate wholesale companies make a lot more money catering to middlemen than to online retailers, you will understand why real wholesalers are scarce in the internet. To make the most money selling Xbox units online, you must look for a legitimate Xbox wholesaler who will be able to offer you the best price for the volume that you will order.

The second problem is market information
The electronics industry much like the computer industry is one of the fastest changing industries in the market today. You may know that there is a demand for Xbox units, but finding other important information like how big the demand is, how long it is likely to last, who are your competitors in your area and what are their prices, etc. are also essential for any online seller in making their decision.

Miscalculate and you just might find yourself wondering how you will ever clear out your garage- You may have to be forced to sell at a loss just to recoup some of your investment.

Looking for the data on your own may be too time consuming and may mean valuable time lost which could’ve been spent making money online. This either means a higher risk or lower profits.

Get Help from Salehoo

Due to these issues, online sellers of Xbox should definitely check out Salehoo. Salehoo is an online company offering an online database of pre-certified wholesalers to online retailers.

Salehoo is the most trusted wholesaler information provider in the internet today registered with the BBB online reliability program and developer and member of eBay’s Certified Developers Program. Salehoo has the biggest wholesaler’s and drop shipper database in the internet which is updated everyday.

With Salehoo, you can be sure that you will have access to the best and most profitable product sources. You can also be sure that the products you will receive are quality products as these wholesale companies are 100% guaranteed pre-certified by Salehoo. This means that you can guarantee best prices, best product quality and if you choose, on-time drop shipped delivery to your customers.

Salehoo also provides its members with updated market information relevant to making buying decisions in the internet. For example, Salehoo will be able to provide you with the data on which companies are selling Xbox products in your area and their selling prices. Salehoo will also be able to tell you how many units of this kind of product were sold and how much the sales are rising or falling.

Salehoo will make your job selling Xbox online easier, less risky and definitely more profitable.

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