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Wholesale Shoes

Variety is the key to making it in the online shoe business. You can conceivably make money selling only one type of shoes, say athletic shoes, but by so doing, you are eliminating from your market people who are not looking for athletic shoes but are instead looking for stilettos or their casual pair of Hush Puppies. If you are going to be selling online, make sure to cover all possible avenues so you can make more sales.

Different Shoes, Different Suppliers

There is one grave problem to doing this, however, and that is finding suppliers for different kinds and types of shoes. For instance, it is highly likely that the makers of the athletic shoes you are selling or planning on selling online does not supply the kinds of evening wear shoes that some of your targeted online customers are looking for. If you are going to push through with your plan of selling all possible types of shoes, you are going to have to find a supplier for every type of shoes.

Different Shoes, More Inventory, More Risks

There is another pressing problem to selling as many types of shoes as possible. This problem arises from the need of stocking shoes inventory for ready sales once a customer requests the shoes. If you are going to use a different supplier (possibly even if one supplier provides all types of shoes that you are looking for) you are going to need to fulfill the volume requirements before you become eligible for wholesale discounts. This entails a high financial risk on your part since you there is no guarantee that you’d be able to sell everything you have in stock in a reasonably short time period.

The Salehoo Solution

There is one very simple solution to your dilemma and this is becoming a Salehoo member. Here’s the deal in one broad stroke: you will be able to sell all the types of shoes that you want to sell online, you will be able to determine exactly what kind sells to online shoppers, and you will be able to avoid having to stock inventory if you don’t want the risk that entails yet still be able to get wholesale-level or discounted prices even so.

Let’s just get one thing clear first, however, before we proceed any further. Salehoo is drastically different from the online directories that fly-by-night companies and scammers sell online. Salehoo is a membership program operated by a fully functional and professional team that provides reliable, authentic and lifetime support to its members.

Salehoo basically maintains a huge database of genuine suppliers of all kinds of products including shoes, your product of interest. The list of suppliers numbers to millions so you are assured of a wide range of suppliers. This means that if you are thinking of supplying all kinds of shoes form athletic to elegant to casual, you will find the contact information of suppliers that manufacture and sell every type of shoes to online retailers.

The suppliers in the Salehoo database have been pre-evaluated and pre-assessed by Salehoo so you can rest assured that you are dealing with authentic suppliers who are exactly what they claim. If a supplier you see at Salehoo tells you that it manufactures the products, then you can trust that supplier since Salehoo has already met the supplier personally to ascertain the veracity of its claims.

To help you decide on what shoes you ought to sell online, Salehoo provides its members a tool to check the salability of a product type. Use this with the information provided about the most popular shoe keyword searches online and you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which types and brands of shoes will sell and make you a profit.

Finally, Salehoo will also give you just the start-up help that you need by letting you get in touch with drop ship wholesalers of shoes that have been prevailed upon by Salehoo to accept orders from Salehoo members then directly ship the orders to the end user.

What’s so good about this deal is the fact that you won’t have to stock inventory when you have a drop ship wholesaler. Just wait for an order, place your own order to the drop ship wholesaler of shoes that you found through Salehoo and get the shoes to your customers. Moreover, the shoes are still being sold at discounted prices so you’ll surely make a profit while you don’t put your money at risk.

Salehoo prides itself at being the only source of all your information requirements as an online shoes retailer. Thus, there are other functionalities that you’ll find very useful if you become a Salehoo member. The best thing about the Salehoo membership, though, is that you pay only once to be a member, yet you enjoy all the benefits of Salehoo membership for life.

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