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Wholesale Scooters

In today’s world of ever-increasing gasoline prices and environmental problems, it is no wonder that people are turning to scooters to provide the mobility they need without the high price and high impact on the environment. Scooters are indeed growing in popularity and you will see several online stores offering these products today.

Stocking and Actual Shipping Problems

If you’re thinking of selling scooters online or if you’re into this business, though, you will agree that there are quite a few obstacles that you have to overcome before you can profit from selling scooters. First and foremost is the size of your product. Because of their relatively large size, scooters are hard products to ship. What’s more, scooter sizes make them hard to stock on inventory especially if you have a small garage.

Scooter Model Targeting

The second problem is the amount of capital that you have to invest before you make your first sell. Scooters are fairly expensive as compared to the other products that are being sold online. Because of this, you must make some research about your products before jumping in and risking your hard-earned money. Are the scooter models you are planning to buy popular and sellable in the market today?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because that particular scooter model looks good to you or that your nephew suggested this particular scooter model, this automatically means that you can definitely sell these models online.

Finding the most popular scooter models that sell well online entails several days of research and analysis. Because scooters are fairly expensive as compared to other online products, make sure that you choose right as you might find it hard to recoup your capital if you are wrong.

Scooter Price

The third and perhaps the issue most related to your profits in selling these products is the price you pay per unit for this kind of product. This is why finding wholesalers are very important as they can offer you a much lower price for the same product.

Most wholesalers though have minimum purchase requirements before they can sell you their products at the lowest prices. This means that if the minimum purchase requirement to avail of the low price is 20 units, you might have to find enough space to keep your inventory while you look for buyers. Investing in 20 units of the same model might also mean that you will have fewer scooter models in your online store; this can mean less customers.

Solve These Problems with Salehoo

Salehoo can help you solve these three problems. Salehoo is an online wholesaler database service that updates and adds to their database everyday. With the thousands of wholesalers you can choose from in Salehoo, you can be sure that you will be getting the best deals when it comes to price and quality.

Moreover, most of the wholesalers that are listed in Salehoo have committed to working with online retailers. This means that they can offer you special deals like drop ship offers where you will not need to keep an inventory as well as arrange for the shipping of the product to your customers’ home as the wholesaler will do them for you.

Not only will you save on money, you also save on time as you can concentrate more on selling your products and marketing online. This also means that you won’t have to clear out your garage in order to free up space where you can keep your inventory. Nor will you have to risk enormous amounts of capital in scooter models that may or may not sell online.

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