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Wholesale PS3

Take a slice of the multi-billion dollar entertainment pie by selling PS3s online. PS3 is one of the world’s most famous gaming consoles so it is sure to boost your online store’s sales.

Selling PS3s, however, is going to be difficult if you don’t know how to find the best deals when it comes to product sourcing. Of course, the nearer you buy to the manufacturer of the actual units itself, the cheaper the price you can get for the product.

The downside to this is that the nearer you get to the manufacturer, the more you have to purchase or the higher the minimum purchase requirement. This means that you will either have to set your priorities right. You can buy at the lowest price possible and risk overstocking or you can choose to pay a higher price just so you won’t have to risk much on inventory.

The thing is, PS3 wholesalers seldom work with online retailers. The hassle and the time requirements in setting up a website and advertising online is just not enough to compel these wholesalers to venture much into the web. For this reason, most of the wholesalers you see on the web are actually middlemen who have added their profits to the selling price you will have to pay.

Minimize Risks with Salehoo

For this reason, you may want to check out Salehoo, an online wholesaler database that caters to retailers in the internet. With Salehoo, you get more than a list of wholesalers that are willing to work with retailers like you. This online wholesalers’ database will also provide you with the additional services or perks that the suppliers in the database are willing to offer their customers.

Light bulk purchasing for example does away with high volume purchase requirements to avail of the low wholesale prices. Instead, you can avail of these low prices for only a $500 dollar minimum purchase. This means that you will only need a small amount of capital before you can start selling these products online. This translates to higher profits yet relatively manageable risks. Moreover, this means that you save up on inventory space.

Drop ship deals on the other hand lets you completely do away with inventories. This is because whenever a customer buys a PS3 from you, all you would need to do is to forward the purchase form to your wholesaler and your wholesaler will ship the package directly to the customer’s home for you. This leaves you free to do other productive things such as marketing and advertising your site to other potential customers.

Overstock sales, on the other hand lets you take advantage of the rock-bottom prices that wholesalers offer just to get all of the remaining stock out of the warehouses. With these deals, you can get PS3s for more than half the regular price, translating into greater profits and absolutely wonderful prices. Of course, products here are not renewable and once all the overstocks are gone, they are gone permanently until warehouse clearing begins again. Nevertheless, you can find many great deals here.

These and other options are available for you if you decide to become a member of Salehoo. With just a small amount of effort and money on your part, you can use Salehoo’s list of pre certified and dependable wholesalers who can offer you the best quality products at the lowest prices. Not only that, the wholesalers themselves through their special services will be able to help you maximize the opportunities in your retail business and lessen your overall risk.

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