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Wholesale Lingerie

Home-based moms can take advantage of the rising proclivity for online apparel shopping. For most women, shopping online for clothes is much more convenient and usually much cheaper, too, than buying from the mall. Catalog shopping is another alternative to live shopping, but the choices are understandably quite limited.

The trend for apparel shopping online has extended towards lingerie. If you need or want to work from home, you can try selling lingerie online. All you will need is a computer, an internet connection, lingerie to sell, somewhere to sell it to, and end-users who want to buy your lingerie products.

Online Lingerie Sales Issues

Of course, saying that you need all of the above and getting them, are two different things. The computer and the internet connection are the least complicated requirements. The rest need careful deliberation and study.

If you wish to sell online, you need to put up your lingerie online store. This store would have to be rich in pictures of the lingerie you are selling, description of the lingerie (materials, length, size, etc) and of course the price. Selling online also means becoming
A member of auction sites like eBay so that your products can be noticed individually and so that you can advertise your online store.

To find your end-users, you have to rigorously advertise your products. You have to learn how to do search engine optimization. You can also get listed in apparel and lingerie directories. Moreover, you can pay for search engine paid advertising schemes like pay-per-click advertising.

Finding Wholesale Lingerie

Both of the above issues for online lingerie sales are minimal compared to the issue of finding a steady supply of lingerie to sell. You can hardly go to your local mall, buy lingerie there to stock your inventory and then sell them online. That would hardly be competitive since once you add the shipping costs and your profit margin to your lingerie, your lingerie will be more expensive than what your intended customers are going to have to pay if they had bought from their local mall.

You’d need a lingerie supplier that will sell you quality lingerie at prices at least half your intended retail price. After all, if you’d look online, the internet market for lingerie is already saturated with online lingerie retailers. The auction sites are full of lingerie sellers who are not getting bids on their products since their lingerie is either cheap and low quality or high quality but quite expensive. If you want to succeed where others have failed, you need to provide attractively priced, quality lingerie.

Find What You Need at Salehoo

We know what you need and have made a compilation of drop ship wholesalers, light bulk wholesalers, volume wholesalers, liquidation wholesalers and direct exporters of quality lingerie.

You can do a search engine query of wholesale lingerie suppliers. However, majority of the results you will get from such a search are lingerie brokers who want to and do turn up a quick buck selling bulk lingerie to unsuspecting online retailers. These people can be people who have successfully established contact with direct wholesalers, bought lingerie from them at phenomenally low prices and then sell them in bulk to people like you who are attracted by the relatively low prices.

Of course, you can conceivably make a little profit by reselling what you sold in bulk singly. The problem with this scenario is you would have made even more profits if you had just the right information and the direct line to real lingerie wholesalers that these lingerie brokers had.

Membership with Salehoo will give you this direct contact with genuine lingerie wholesalers. By becoming a member of Salehoo, you will have the contact information of lingerie wholesale suppliers who have already been vetted by the Salehoo wholesaling experts. Thus, you can be sure that they are indeed the direct makers or manufacturers of the products and as such, the prices you will get from these sellers are the lowest available in the industry. Once you become a member and buy your lingerie from these pre-verified wholesalers, you can make 100% profit easily.

Take the right first step to your online lingerie business success. Become a Salehoo member and have a lifetime access to updated and genuine product sourcing information, the one thing that can decide the difference between your failure and success.

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