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Wholesale Jewellry

Pound for pound, jewelry is perhaps among the most expensive products in the market today. It may have been around for centuries but it is still one of the most sought after products in the market today. One of the main reasons for this is because jewelry goes hand in hand with fashion and since fashion is always in a constant flux, jewelry remains in demand to keep up with the changing trend in clothing.

Going into the jewelry business may seem a bit daunting as you will not get as many chances as you would if you went into another business because of the prohibitive cost of the product but do it right and you will find the business one of the most profitable in the market. To start on this journey, there are a few basic challenges you must overcome first.

First is the price. Although people will expect jewelry products to be a bit on the expensive side, customers looking for jewelry will still try to look for the best deals in the market and one of the criteria is price. The lower your price for your products is, the better your chances of quickly recouping your investment. For this reason, you must try to find the best suppliers in this line of business. This may seem hard at first as all you have to go on are what you got from your research, referrals from other people and word of mouth. Trust is the key element because you can only bank your starting capital on this once.

Secondly, your customers will be looking for quality. This is a bit hard to overcome as much of the time, lower price means lower quality. Hard as this may seem, your customers will definitely look for the best quality offered at the lowest prices. Because of this, you must try to find the best quality for the lowest prices by getting as near as you can to the manufacturer of the product itself. The fewer middlemen between you and the source, the lower the price you can get for high quality products.

Third is logistics. This is a bit harder on a product such as jewelries because of security. Going into a jewelry business especially online will need careful planning when it comes to shipping the products from the supplier to you and from you to your customers. You can take out insurance to cover you for this potential problem but a loss is still a loss and is bad for business. For this reason, a supplier with a drop-ship option will definitely be to your advantage as the supplier will have to take responsibility for your products. This will also translate into you having less logistical problems and thus you will be able to concentrate more in making sales.

Starting a jewelry business, as with any other business, then boils down to providing high quality products at the lowest possible cost and the best logistics. These are three important factors most people who goes into this kind of business fail to address and that’s the reason why nine out of ten businesses fails within five years. Fortunately for retailers there is Salehoo, a database service in the internet that offers retailers a list of suppliers for millions of products. Moreover, Salehoo has quality controls before they add a supplier to their list so you are not only assured of the lowest priced products but the best quality as well. Most of the suppliers listed in one source also offer drop-ship deals so that the retailer can concentrate more on advertising and making sales than managing the inventory. All of which translates into Salehoo being the one stop shop for retailers looking for solutions for their business. Check out their website now.

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