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Wholesale Fine Silver Jewelry

It is more than possible to make a living out of selling silver jewelry. For instance, 10 years ago, jewelry sales in the United States has already been hitting the US$50 billion mark. The jewelry retail continues to gradually increase in volume. Moreover, silver jewelry is one of the major precious metals being constantly sold and bought, online or offline.

There are also other entrepreneurs that have taken advantage of the silver jewelry boom. Most women find silver jewelry pieces appropriate accessories for their working attire. Moreover, teenagers of the high school and college age find silver jewelry pieces to be just the right ornaments to their casual apparel. The popularity of silver is aided along by the fact that silver is relatively cheaper than gold and phenomenally cheaper than platinum.

Traditionally, jewelry is sold in local jewelry shops and neighborhood malls. However, since most people have become internet proficient and more and more people are finding internet shopping convenient, sales of silver jewelry online has become greatly viable.

Silver Jewelry e-Commerce

Selling silver jewelry online can be done by setting up your online silver jewelry store. For this, you need to design a website that incorporates a shopping cart software, a secure database for your customers’ shopping information, a merchant processing account, pictures and write-ups about your silver jewelry products, and some articles and content about fashion and accessorizing.

To complement your online store, it would be best if you also explore the online auction sites. EBay is the most popular auction site by far, but this is not the only auction site that you can become a member of. Yahoo Auctions and are some other large auction sites where you can display and sell your products. Some auction sites require a membership fee, so you’d have to decide whether the fee is worth the exposure your silver jewelry is going to get by being a member of a paid site.

When you post your items for sale in auction sites, make sure to include a URL link to your online store so that people looking for silver jewelry can visit and bookmark your page. Moreover, you still have to promote your online silver jewelry store through search engine optimization, paid ads, banners and pop-ups, among others.

Product Sourcing

Selling silver jewelry cannot be profitable for you if you don’t find a wholesale silver jewelry supplier that can give you very favorable prices. You may find it hard to make money out of these business if you are unable to match or beat other online silver jewelry sellers’ or auctioneers’ prices. At actual best, you may functionally break even.

Most online silver jewelry entrepreneurs have begun looking abroad for silver jewelry supplies, say Mexican-made silver jewelry. By doing this, some online businessmen have been able to sell silver jewelry cheaply while gaining more than 100% profit margins.

You can follow this clever strategy by looking for exporters of cheap but quality silver jewelry. There is just one usual problem to this approach though, and that is finding wholesale exporters of silver jewelry.

You can search online using Google or Yahoo, but you are going to have to search millions of web pages before you find a viable supplier. You also have to cautious of silver jewelry ‘wholesalers’ who are not the direct silver jewelry suppliers. Most of these are buying directly from foreign exporters of wholesale jewelry and are selling them online in bulk for an easy profit. What you want to do is buy directly from the manufacturers or the exporters themselves.

It is quite possible that you’ll find some of these direct silver jewelry exporters online, but this means that there are still a lot of sources that you are not privy to. Moreover, you’ll find it hard to screen all the search results pages to find the genuine wholesale silver jewelry exporter.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry Suppliers and Exporters at Salehoo

You can have access to a regularly updated database of silver jewelry suppliers and direct foreign suppliers of the same by becoming a member of Salehoo. For a one-time membership fee, you will solve all your product sourcing issues.

First, the Salehoo database contains only legitimate and genuine wholesalers of silver jewelry, both domestic and international. This is guaranteed because the Salehoo staff and personnel personally meet every one of the suppliers they allow to get listed in their database. Thus, when you become a Salehoo member, you will have access to thousands of silver jewelry from here and abroad that you know are TRUE wholesalers, not merely bulk buyers who turn around and sell them to other online businessmen.

Second, membership with Salehoo lets you to establish contact directly with the merchant. All Salehoo does is provide you the true and updated contact information of legitimate silver jewelry wholesalers. All you’ll need to do is contact them through the form found at the members’ portion, or call/email/write them through the contact information provided.

Third, if you are just starting out on your online business, you may not like to tie up your money in inventory. Salehoo can actually help you because they have a list of silver jewelry drop ship wholesalers who have already agreed with Salehoo to directly deliver your orders to your customers – at discounted prices! Later on, as you find your business growing, you can start building your product inventory and can then deal with light bulk, volume and liquidation wholesalers who will sell you their silver jewelry at very low prices as long as you meet their volume requirements.

Finally, as your online silver jewelry store prospers, you can add to your product listing other jewelry types and other accessories. You won’t have to look for suppliers of other wholesale products that you wish to add to your product line since at Salehoo, you get access to millions of genuine wholesale suppliers for every product you may wish to sell online.

Again, if you want to succeed in your silver jewelry e-business, you have to buy cheap and sell reasonably high (competitive prices). You can only do this if you have DIRECT access to silver jewelry suppliers who can sell to you at real factory prices. Membership with Salehoo guarantees you this access. It can only be supposed then, that if you want to succeed, you’d have to become a Salehoo member.

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