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Wholesale DVDs

Someone once said that the internet is the greatest thing since canned beer – and it can be. It has been the greatest thing for business – consider the millions that companies such as AOL, Google, and Amazon have made by pioneering their services on the internet. While many have benefited from the internet, countless others can only look on and sigh – wondering how they, too, can get a slice of the profits that can be made on the net.

The problem is that many people think of the internet as some new, difficult frontier to navigate – or worse, they may already be deeply into the internet, but cannot see an opportunity to make use of it for fun and profit. It may be because they have not made the proper connections (conceptually), in terms of changing their focus from being mere online users to online sellers, and also because they do not have the proper support to help them make a go of the business.

All that is really needed is a change of focus or a different approach – and the right source to get things off the ground.

One potentially lucrative online business is the wholesale DVD market. Before you jump in and point out that there are too many similar businesses on the internet (and companies like Amazon have the market sewn up), think about it this way: you need a different approach or strategy to start your own business. Rather than the conventional approach of putting up a website to sell your wares, start from another angle. Start up your own DVD Club.

You’re online most of the time; doubtless you have any number of friends from around the country with whom you share many of the same interests – books, movies, music and entertainment, etcetera. You’ve spent time with them in chat rooms – and in these chat rooms, you’ve found others who share the same interests, although you can’t call these people friends that you spend a lot of online time with.

There’s your starting point. Suggest to the group the idea of forming a DVD Club – sort of like the old Book of the Month clubs where someone makes a recommendation about something new to read, and everyone (or almost everyone) ups and buys a copy of the book so that they can understand what you’ve been talking about.

Except that, in this case, you’re talking about DVDs – and not just the latest Hollywood creations or blockbusters. There is a whole world of movie makers outside Hollywood – not just the American indie directors and producers, but also those of other countries. China has been making blockbuster movies for decades: Ang Lee was making movies in China before Brokeback Mountain or The Hulk; Japan has its own movie industry before Godzilla made its way to the US – Kurosawa’s ‘Seven Samurai’ was the inspiration for the iconic The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Europe also has its own stable of movie makers – stars like Brigit Bardot or Dolph Lungren started out in their countries’ movie industry before becoming Hollywood icons.

Your friends may become interested in such movies – Korean films or TV epics, Japanese anime, Mexican tele-novelas, Indian ‘Bollywood’ films. Many of these are available in Asia, Europe or India – almost all of them have sub-titles in order to reach a worldwide audience.

Get ten or more people together to form a DVD club; choose one film as the group’s DVD of the Month (which all ten will try to find themselves or through you), and you have the beginnings of an online business that is niched and probably exclusive to you.

The problem, of course, lies in sourcing these hard-to-find DVDs. Amazon, after all, may not necessarily carry Asian or European DVDs; eBay probably would, but the question is whether you will find someone actually willing to sell his copy of a hard-to-find DVD.

This is where Salehoo, the product sourcing online database managed by World Wide Brands, Inc. comes in. Among the many features offered by Salehoo are Instant Import Buys – provided by wholesale suppliers who bring in products in small, affordable case lots. Another advantage in using Salehoo is that these wholesalers could deliver merchandise to you or the members of your DVD Club faster and with less hassle than Amazon or eBay.

Most importantly, Salehoo is NOT limited to DVDs. There is a whole range of products handled or merchandised by the wholesalers on their database; who knows – surfing around the Salehoo database may give you ideas on other business opportunities that you can venture into, once your online DVD store is up and running.


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