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So you’ve finally decided to give up on that thankless nine-to-five job. You have the skills, experience and insights you need to get your own online business off the ground; you have enough savings in the bank to make a go of it for a while.

It should be easy – put together the webpage, sign up for PayPal, put your skills in search engine optimization and, the customers will come. Before you start building, however, you have to make sure that:

(a) you know what your target customers want to buy or need to buy

(b) you know where to get those products or brands that your customers are looking for – and make sure that you can get these, and deliver it, to your customers at best values and on-time.

In other words, the first step to successful online retailing is to find out what your customers want – and providing this to them at best values. Unfortunately, this is something easier said than actually done, especially if you are thinking about venturing into the world of consumer electronics.

There was a time when consumer electronics meant a few products (e.g., television sets, stereo systems, microwave ovens, radio-alarm clocks) – and a few, known brand names – Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips. Today, however, consumer electronics refers to a whole slew of products – from personal computers and laptops, to home entertainment systems incorporating video, audio and gaming systems, and ‘personal’ audio or video systems.

And this does not even include the brands out there – besides the long-established Japanese, American or European brands are new entrants from China, Korea and Taiwan. This has led to a near-avalanche of companies and people selling consumer electronics – not just in the ‘real world’ of appliance stores, but even in the virtual world of the internet.

If you are planning to go into online consumer electronics, you will be only one of thousands – which means that your success depends on finding – and building – something that marks you as different from the rest.

One way of doing this is by starting small. Instead of going into online retailing thinking as a superstore or one-stop consumer electronics shop – focus on one or two product lines and start from there.

For example, you may want to start on personal audio systems – iPods and MP3 players. Rather than retailing the ‘popular’ ones, consider offering all the available brands – even the ‘non-branded’ ones that are inexpensive but reliable, come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Aside from selling the basic unit, look into accessories that you can also market – carrying cases, headphones or earphones, chains, etc.

Also, consider adding other distinctive offers – if you check around, you may find that you are the only one offering these products in your city. Or you are in a position to offer these products at competitive prices – lower, shall we say, than those in brick and mortar retail outlets.

The key to this approach, however, is finding the right source for your products. You either have a line in to the manufacturers (especially the overseas factories where they are produced) or you can find a local wholesaler to provide you with what you need, at values that you want.

A reliable, trustworthy wholesaler would be the best source – since he or she will be the one to handle all the import requirements, thus freeing you from worrying about matters beyond your expertise.

The question is, however, how to find that reliable, trustworthy source – especially one that can meet your requirements in terms of product, pricing and delivery date. Surfing the internet is a risky proposition – you are just as likely to find a fly-by-night operator who’ll ship you a box of lemons than the real thing.

One way of finding that reliable, trustworthy source is Salehoo, an online product sourcing database that is fully interactive, and which gives you the option of setting the parameters in finding your ideal source.

Salehoo is not a mere online directory of wholesalers; it is run by a team of professionals with the tools needed to validate their list of suppliers or wholesalers – ensuring that these companies or people meet standards on reliability, trustworthiness and delivery capabilities. Another advantage that Salehoo offer are suppliers that can provide or deliver single item products to your customers as well as bulk, multiple item cargo.

Salehoo is a for-members-only site. This means that you have to make a one-time payment that will give you access to a whole slew of suppliers, not only in your specific area of interest but also in others.

The benefit this provides is that you can, literally, grow with that one-time payment – as the product lines you offer expand, you can also change or expand the parameters of your Salehoo supplier search. You start by looking for reliable, trustworthy suppliers of MP3s; as your business and customer base increases, you can expand your supplier lists.

Starting small and unique is one way of making online consumer electronics retailing a success – and using this success as a starting point to expand your business. Salehoo can help you find the suppliers you need today, when you’re starting out, and even tomorrow, when your business starts to expand.

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