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Wholesale Computers

A friend calls you up, asking for help. He is the purchasing officer for a mid-sized company and he’s just been told that the company can now proceed with replacing their outmoded computers – only he’s been given a tight budget and an even tighter deadline to complete the assignment.

He came to you because he knows you have a small online retail business and, rather than canvass suppliers himself, he decided to seek your help. He feels that you have a better chance of handling the transaction than he does, with your ‘vast’ online experience.

You are tempted to take on the job because of the size, but are hesitant to accept it because it is the largest order that you will take on. More importantly, you know that none of your suppliers can meet the requirement – like you, they are all small wholesalers, more used to handling iPods and MP3 players than desktop computers with complete peripherals.

Do you accept the job – or refuse it?

While the scenario is hypothetical, the situation itself is not. How many times have you turned down a lucrative deal, because you cannot meet the requirement – either in terms of budgets or delivery dates?

It isn’t because you are not willing to try; the bottom line is that you do not have the time to search for reliable, trustworthy suppliers that can meet both deadlines and budgets. While you know that there are online businesses out there that can help you, finding them is difficult. Worse, you need time to validate their capabilities – the last thing you want to do is to commit to a supplier whose capacity does not match his promises.

The answer is to have a ready list of wholesalers or suppliers that can match any conceivable need of your online business – whether you’re asked to provide a single laptop for a student or to provide 60 high-end PCs in 48 hours.

Most online businesses do not have such a ready listing, however – mainly because most people do not see a need for it. You, like almost everyone else, have become used to a certain pattern – 95 percent of the time, you are dealing with small- to medium-scale requirements that your regular suppliers can meet.

It is that 5 percent of the time when a requirement beyond your capacities falls into your lap that you feel the need for the list – but since you don’t have one, you allow the opportunity to pass.

Having the right sources for your online business is crucial – not just in terms of having a ‘source’ for the products you sell, but also a source of information that can provide an answer for your unexpected or unplanned needs.

One such source for the online businessman is Salehoo – an interactive, online product sourcing data base of wholesalers and suppliers that can meet any conceivable need – from a single Toshiba laptop delivered to your customer’s home by a drop ship supplier, or a bulk shipment of fifty IBM desktops with individual HP printers.

The Salehoo database is constantly updated, with the company’s research teams doing active validation of supplier’s capabilities – ensuring that the wholesalers you contact can meet your requirements as to price, product and delivery capabilities.

The next time a prospective client asks if you can provide something outside your capacity, smile and accept the challenge. After that, get online and link up with Salehoo – within minutes, you’ll have your ready list of suppliers to help you meet the unexpected.

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