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Wholesale Clothes

If you are in the apparel business you probably have experienced the logistics problems, pricing problems and quality problems associated with this business. Although selling apparels or clothes is one of the most lucrative businesses (online or offline) the fact will not matter if you don’t have the quality, logistics and price needed to compete in this industry.

Look around the internet or walk around the mall and you will see that whoever holds all three elements are almost always the most successful ones in this industry.

Finding Quality Wholesale Clothes

As with any other product, quality is one of the most important factors that you need to consider before you start selling. The inability to deliver the needed quality will result in your business having tons of product returns, product exchange and irate customers and in this case, bad publicity. Customers want long lasting high quality clothes that feel right and fit right so having quality products on your online store will go a long way into building your business into a successful one.

The problem with this, and I’m sure that you’ve already experienced it, is the difficulty in finding the right supplier. You are on a limited budget and you definitely can’t afford to go all over the world just to look for the best quality clothing suppliers for your business.

Most of the time, you either stick with the suppliers in your immediate area or you make a deal with a supplier outside your area relying most on phone conversations and the occasional meetings. This may be all right if the supplier indeed has the necessary quality controls and logistics in place to give you the quality that you need. However, most of the time; the suppliers themselves have the same problems that you have when it comes to finding the best products in the market.

Finding Economical Wholesale Clothes

This takes us to the second problem in selling clothing apparels which is the price. Obviously the lowest prices can be found in suppliers with the shortest middleman chain. That means the nearer you are to the manufacturer, the cheaper the price is going to be.

However, with the geographical considerations, the transportation and logistics requirements needed to set up this supply chain, most suppliers tend to rely on longer supply chains and more middlemen than investing heavily on improving the system. This translates into a higher price for the end retailer. Of course, you might find cheap suppliers of these products but the lower you cut down the price, the lower the quality will probably be.

Logistics Problems for Clothes Sales

Finally, logistics problem is one of the common challenges any clothing retailer will have to overcome in this business. This involves not just getting the products from the suppliers to the store but from the store to the customer as well.

Having a brick and mortar store does not exclude you from this problem. Sooner or later, you will have to expand your business into another area or maybe into the internet where the convenience and customer satisfaction will be dependent on your business’s logistics. The amount of time it will take for your product to reach the customer, the system for ordering, order follow up and shipping will be the things you will have to worry about in order to compete in this market.

Fortunately for people in your business, Salehoo can help you with all three problems mentioned above. With Salehoo, you can access millions of wholesale clothing supplier listings, make deals with suppliers having drop-ship offers, and be assured of quality because of Salehoo quality control. With Salehoo, you can find the three most important elements necessary for a successful business in one place. Check out their website now.

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