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Wholesale Cellphones

If you have an online business selling cell phones, it is to your advantage to begin looking for new cell phone suppliers. This is not to say that you are not going to make money out of selling your current brands. However, it is forecasted that the cell phone industry is gearing towards cheaper handset models than what we currently have on the market. It is only wise to be prepared for any changes.

Right now, Nokia and Motorola are the acknowledged leaders in cell phones manufacture. As such, the market tends to revolve around their prices. However, there has been news to the effect that some wireless carriers have begun tap into other markets for their cell phone units. In particular, Vodafone is beginning to incorporate cheap China-made handsets into their line.

If you think about it, such a move towards the foreign, especially the Chinese market, is inevitable. Already, you see the evidence in people’s more accepting attitudes towards Chinese-made computers, car parts, car audio, etc. Cellphones make a logical addition to the repertoire of imported consumer goods from China.

In the future, people are going to stop putting such a premium on brand but on functionality, elegance of design, and the affordability. You have to cash in on these trends by positioning your business to take advantage of the change when the trickle of Chinese-made handsets becomes a full-fledged flood.

What You Have to Actually Do

What you need to do is establish contact with suppliers who can supply you Chinese-made cell phones at true wholesale prices. The ideal arrangement is to have a direct line with Chinese cell phones manufacturers. Of course, this presents a problem since these manufacturers are likely to have minimum order requirements which you may be unable to satisfy. Moreover, since you are capitalizing on a newly emerging trend, it wouldn’t be practical to immediately commit all of your resources.

You can try looking for volume buyers from Chinese cell phones manufacturers so you can get maybe not the lowest price but the best price considering. Your problem, now, however, is finding these wholesalers.

If you look at the internet and did a search engine query for cell phones wholesalers, you are likely going to find wholesalers who also do retail of cell phones. This means that these are people who basically found a supply of Chinese cell phones and are willing to sell at discounted prices if you make a minimum amount of cell phones purchase.

The problem with this arrangement is that these online ‘wholesalers’ are apparently not wholesalers at all. They are cell phone resellers who can afford to give discounts because they have a comfortable profit margin. These are people you wish to become, but they’re not the people you’d want to buy cell phones from.

Solve Your Dilemma with Salehoo

Salehoo can help you become the ‘wholesaler’ that you frequently find online. You will solve all your wholesale problems (with capitalizing on the trend for Chinese cell phone handsets) in one broad stroke.

At Salehoo, you will have access to millions of wholesale suppliers, from drop ship wholesalers, to light bulk wholesalers to volume wholesalers to liquidation wholesalers and finally, to direct foreign suppliers of wholesale cell phones. This great new product by salehoo is a veritable mine of wholesale supplier information.

If you decide to invest as little of your resources as possible, you can contact a drop ship wholesaler found in the database. This drop ship wholesaler has already agreed to work with home-based businessmen as long as they are members. Without a minimum order requirement (so you don’t need to stock inventory of cell phone handsets), you can buy units at discounted prices (so you can mark-up the product yet still be able to sell it at competitive prices) as orders for them come in from your consumers.

Later on, as the market for Chinese cell phones expands, you can order from light bulk wholesalers, volume wholesalers and liquidation wholesalers who can give you even better prices as long as you meet the minimum volume requirements.

Moreover, Salehoo also has a compilation of direct foreign sellers of Chinese cell phones. This means that you get the Chinese suppliers’ information, contact them through Salehoo or by the phone, and you can make a purchase direct from the manufacturers or Chinese wholesalers themselves!

At Salehoo, you’ll never have to worry about the products being defective or the suppliers being scammers. Salehoo experts (trusted by eBay, writers and hosts for Entrepreneur Magazine radio shows, listed with Better Business Bureau) have already assessed all the suppliers they allow to get listed in their database. This means that as long as you find the supplier through Salehoo, you can unequivocally rely on that supplier to satisfy your and your customers’ demands.

Membership entails just a one-time payment of the membership fee. After that, the whole Salehoo regularly updated database of suppliers and the whole Salehoo team expertise becomes yours for as long as you want and need them. So make the most suitable choice. Be a Salehoo member now.

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