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Wholesale Cell phones

Setting up an online store to sell cell phones wholesale is easy. You don’t need to rent space, you don’t have to hire people to man the counter, you don’t even need to lease the swipe machines for credit card purchases or buy an online cash register to hold the money you get for your sales.

You don’t need a stockroom to keep your Motorola i580s safe. There’s no need for mall fees, haggle with the Sony Ericsson marketing people, hire security, work with a display merchandiser who wants to put PDAs in your store window when you want to push the Nokias. All you need is your computer, a broadband connection, and the skills and experience to put together a catchy website and get the search engines to highlight your page. This is easier said than done, though.

There are two major problems when you set up your online store: finding the right merchandise to sell (which means getting the best brands at the right price) – and the delivery of the goods.

Finding the merchandise is easy for the seasoned internet user. There are thousands of wholesalers, retailers, and resellers out there on the web, all promising you the best brands at the right prices. The problem is how you can be sure about the promises made by such online vendors.

The truth is you really don’t have any assurance that the person behind the beautiful webpage offering you amazingly low prices on a shipment of Nokia Communicators is the real thing. You also do not have any assurance that the online company that says they have a warehouse in Cleveland and they are ready to ship your order of Sony Ericcson P990s to Columbus, Ohio is telling the truth. You either have to trust them with your orders or go out there to take a look, which actually defeats the purpose of having an online store.

The other problem is matching your customer’s needs to your delivery capabilities. You have a customer in Dallas who wants a dozen K790s for his sales people – but he wants them at the best price, delivery charges included. The nearest supplier you trust is based in Miami – and will charge you a lot in shipping charges so that they can deliver the goods to your customer on time.

What you need is a supplier that is closer to your customer, and a quick web search will reveal a lot of just such online stores. The issue of trustworthiness still remains, though.

The real answer would be a reliable, up-to-date, trustworthy source of information that will give you the answers you need, quickly, efficiently, and conveniently, some place where the information you need is there at a glance. It is that place in the internet where supplier information is readily available.

This is where Salehoo comes into the picture.

Salehoo is an online product sourcing database managed by World Wide Brands Inc. which provides you with the information you need to get your online store up and running. It has a comprehensive database that lists wholesale suppliers all over the world – their locations, their prices, and their track records.

You won’t need to do the research yourself when you become a member of the Salehoo Program. You don’t have to spend more time than necessary surfing the internet or calling various people on the phone just so you can find the suppliers you require.

The best thing about Salehoo however is the fact that you can trust the information you get from Salehoo. World Wide Brands, the company that put Salehoo together, has been in business for years, and their performance and track record is validated by the Better Business Bureau. You have the assurance of a professional company providing you the information you need – all you have to do is sign up, pay a one-time membership fee, and you’re good to go.

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