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Wholesale Car Audio

Now is the time to become an active retailer of car audio online. There are two main reasons for this: the United States market is now becoming more open to imported electronics and other countries, specifically China, are learning their way and are becoming even more active in supplying the western countries their cheap but good-quality electronics.

This means, that foreign wholesalers and electronics manufacturers (computers, car audio, etc) are becoming more active in marketing their products especially in the internet so that they can be more easily found by people looking for their products. Moreover, since people are becoming aware that they can have quality electronics for a fraction of the price they used to pay for them, they are becoming more inclined to search the internet for retailers who can provide them their needed car audio for very affordable prices.

Now here’s the best part. The international wholesale car audio suppliers find the internet very practical marketing tools. They do not want to waste resources on offline marketing strategies so their wares can be displayed in local malls and electronics stores. What they did and continue to do is find bulk buyers of these wholesale car audio components who can then sell them in retail online or in their own stores.

Of course, if you are just a start-up online retailer, it is reasonable to suppose that you cannot afford the start-up capital required to buy in great volume. It is also reasonable to assume that you haven’t developed your market yet and so cannot hope to generate thousands of demand for car audio that would make it practical to buy thousands of units from a foreign manufacturer.

In a nutshell, you want to start your own online car audio retail so you can take advantage of the rising demand for cheap, Chinese or other foreign manufactured car audio brands. However, you have no money to pay for volume inventory and you have no way of suddenly expanding your local market share. Your problem now becomes having the ability to buy only small numbers of car audio units at wholesale or greatly discounted prices that are usually available only for volume buyers.

The Answer: Salehoo

Salehoo provides you with an ideal solution. When you become a member, you are going to gain access to direct foreign suppliers from mainland China, Hong Kong or any other foreign manufacturer of cheap car audio.

Here’s how. Salehoo has compiled a list of exporters and wholesale suppliers of all the products you can think of including car audio. These people can actually be trusted.

Proof of this lies in the fact that the program is the only product sourcing information provider certified by eBay. Additional proof of this is the fact that the CEO and founder is eBay radio’s editor for product sourcing. Yet another proof of this is that the staff and experts are the writers and hosts for two Entrepreneur Magazine’s radio shows. All these things prove beyond doubt that the people behind the Salehoo program are professionals and experts at product sourcing, and they are willing to lend you their expertise for only a one-time membership fee to the program.

With a Salehoo membership, you will be able to browse through all the suppliers and direct exporters of car audio that the salehoo staff has compiled in an easy-to-use database. All the entries you will see have already been evaluated by personnel for reliability, for product quality and for best pricing. Moreover, the information you’ll see in the database are valid and updated so you can be sure that if you contact a supplier by phone or by email, someone’s going to answer and respond to your query.

Now, going back to your original problem of a supplier that can give you favorable prices even if you don’t buy in bulk, Salehoo has the solution. Salehoo keeps a ready list of drop ship wholesalers who have agreed to forego minimum order requirements only for Salehoo members.

This means that you can get a product brochure from your drop ship car audio wholesaler that you found at Salehoo, display your products on your online store, wait for an order to come in, order from your supplier when an order does come in, and allow the drop ship wholesaler to deliver the car audio ordered directly to your consumer.

All you had to do is act as the middleman and you have already earned your profit mark up. You didn’t have to invest money in volume inventory of car audio. You use the money your customer paid you to pay the drop ship wholesaler who wouldn’t have given you such favorable terms if you were not a Salehoo member.

So, what are you actually waiting for? Become a member now and earn money from the imported car audio trend.

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