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SaleHoo will help you "Buy Below Wholesale" from China

Products that were made and manufactured in China tend to be the lowest-priced products in their category. China exports a lot of products at absolutely amazing prices. With China products, you can get consumer electronics, clothes, shoes, accessories, body jewelry, bags, and other consumer products at the fraction of the price that you will have to pay by getting a local product supplier.

China Wholesalers In Demand

For an online salesman like you, getting products directly from China factories should therefore be a top priority. Since China wholesalers offer popular products for a fraction of the usual price, a lot of people have already taken advantage of the China consumer product craze. As such, you will have a lot of competition for the China product-buying online shoppers. If you can’t beat your competition when it comes to prices, you have little to no chance of surviving in such cutthroat competition.

The issue now becomes finding a China-based factory that will be willing to sell you their products at wholesale or factory prices. Only then can you be assured to sell your products at the cheapest prices possible which will get you a larger market share. By setting up a deal directly with China wholesalers, you do not sacrifice profitability for competitive advantage at all.

China Wholesaler through Search Engine Query

To find your China products wholesaler or supplier, you can go online and just do a search engine query. When you do so, you would get millions of search results. When I checked using Google, I actually got 6,990,000 results with the keyword phrase: wholesale China wholesalers.

If you are going to go through this route of searching for your China wholesaler, it would take you weeks to go through every search result. However, you may not have a choice but go through with checking every possibly viable web page if you want to find the best wholesaler of China-made products available.

Middlemen Acting as Wholesale Suppliers

Unfortunately, out of those millions of search results there are only likely to be a handful of legitimate product wholesalers. Most of the sites you’ll see online are not actually direct wholesalers of China consumer products. Most of them are people who have already made arrangements with direct sellers of manufactured products and have decided to act as middlemen.

They sell you bulk orders and try to pass the prices off as wholesale prices.

Remember that the more people between you and the direct supplier of China products, the higher your capital outlay becomes. You pay higher than you will actually have to pay if you only got direct contact with the Chinese manufacturers themselves. However, it would be a thankless task indeed to wade through all those search results just to find the few legitimate suppliers of wholesale China products.

The Salehoo Program Solution for Finding China Wholesalers

The Salehoo Program solves your problem for you. Salehoo will remove the middlemen out of the picture and let you buy directly from the source of the products you wish to sell online. It is the answer to the eternal question on how you can have direct relationships with the China factories since

... the Salehoo Program solution gives you the contact number, contact person information and even lets you submit your request for products directly to the suppliers through the Salehoo website.

People at Salehoo developer salehoo, have one purpose and that is to gather a list of all worldwide exporters from whom Salehoo members can make direct purchases at true wholesale prices. Through Salehoo, the price quote from the supplier you are considering is absolutely the best price it can be since you are dealing directly with the lowest cost supplier.

Salehoo facilitates initial contact but does not meddle in the negotiations or get some commission in the exchange of products and payments between members and direct China-based wholesalers who are wiling to sell their products at factory prices. This means that there’s no additional expense aside from shipping and the actual product prices that you were given by the China wholesaler.

Becoming a Salehoo Member

To be part of Salehoo and thereby acquire access to this database of direct import suppliers, you have to become a member of the program. For the membership fee that you will pay only once, you will have lifetime access to all the direct China wholesalers that Salehoo has deemed legitimate.

Afterwards, you can venture out into other products aside from China-imported consumer electronics and the like. Your lifetime membership with Salehoo ensures that when you need wholesaler information, you will have an updated source to refer to, for as long as you want to sell consumer products online.

If you want to survive the China consumer products trade online, then it’s time to change tactics. Stop buying from so-called wholesalers who are merely acting as middlemen between you and the real China wholesaler. Get your membership with Salehoo and let no one stand between you and the China products wholesalers.

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