Reseller Hosting

What Is A Reseller Hosting Account?
Reseller web hosting, as the term suggests, is a form of web hosting that enables the webmaster or account holder to break down their allotted bandwidth and disk space and resell hosting accounts themselves. It is entirely up to you, as the account holder, how you choose to do this. In fact, virtually every aspect of the reselling is down to you. You simply choose a level of reseller package, which dictates the amount of hard drive space and the monthly bandwidth limit. Once you have chosen this and signed up for an account you are then free to resell hosting packages.

Private Label Reselling
The company whose service you choose to resell will act completely anonymously. All web presence, web pages, billing, and even DNS details are personalized to match your website or your business. This means that when you make a sale your customers believe that you are the hosting provider and not the company you use. This offers the advantage that you won’t lose any repeat custom to your seller and you can offer any price that you see fit. Obviously this price needs to be profitable but it also needs to appear to be a handsome deal. Whether you choose to offer a lower price or use a deal sweetener of some sort is your choice. Some companies even use the hosting to promote their own services.

Discount Prices
One of the big draws of reseller hosting is, of course, the discount offered by the hosting company. It is possible to find accounts that offer as much as a 50% reduction against their standard prices. This 50% could be yours if you resell the packages at the same price. All of the benefits that you would ordinarily receive by buying an individual hosting package are also offered.

Deciding On A Host
Obviously the single most important choice you make will be the host you decide to use. It is absolutely imperative that you find a host you can trust. Don’t forget that you will generally be the one that has your name associated with the hosting and in many cases you will also be responsible for the support you offer your hosting clients. If the network is constantly down then you face an uphill struggle and regular battles with your customers that you can’t instantly resolve.

Running Your Network
A reseller account isn’t just the best option for making revenue without having to invest much money. If you own a network of sites and want more freedom over those sites then a reseller account could be perfect. You are able to allot and change the amount of disk space and bandwidth that each of your sites uses. This gives you complete control over your online presence.

Choose A Platform
Decide on the platform or operating system you want your server to use. Unix is the most popular and the most affordable for you and your customers but certain applications can only be run on a Windows platform. However, more open source programs are available for Unix.

Control Panel
It’s best to decide on the control panel that you wish to offer your customers before you decide on a host. Control panels vary widely from the basic, no frills offer to the fully feature packed behemoth. In most cases, the more feature rich a control panel the happier your customers will be. However, this can lead to more technical questions as you open up the accounts to more potential problems.

Reseller Hosting Account Conclusion
Bear the operating system and the control panel in mind when looking for a host. Also consider the other features that are being offered by each host. You need to check network guarantees, security levels, and of course price. If you can’t see a way to make money then you probably can’t.

Reseller hosting packages are an excellent way to make a supplemental income if you already offer a related service to clients. Always decide on the platform you wish to offer, the control panel you want customers to use, and the price of your proposed host. However, you should also consider the other features that are on offer, the network performance and security and how reliable the host themselves are.