PowWeb Hosting Review

Offering “load-balanced hosting technology,” POWWeb grants visitors multiple paths to client websites, via multiple servers.

This prevents websites from suffering any noticeable effects, should any of the servers experience difficulty, and practically prevents any risk of downtime. With PowWeb, websites run smoother, more efficiently and for considerably less money than one would pay for most hosting companies.

PowWeb is an established company, having provided outstanding service since 1999. Unlike many companies, it features live staff server and network monitoring, and offers phone and email support to its users, 24/7. Upgrades are continuous, keeping the systems abreast of the latest technology, adding new features and designing new tools to make the service easy to maintain and user friendly. Keeping the customers happy is the main priority and, because of this, PowWeb offers a full 30 day money back guarantee if, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the service that you’ve received.

With many awards under its belt, such as Editor’s Choice from FindMYhost and the Best Business Hosting top pick from hosting-review it’s easy to understand why people are so fond of this hosting company. Using popular auto-installing software, their easy-to-use control panel, and spam filtering systems, PowWeb Hosting services are ideal for the beginner or for the most seasoned of companies, offering something for everyone.

If you wish to become an affiliate of PowWeb, you can even earn a substantial amount, for every new customer that you refer. Providing you with ready-made banners and links that will advertise the hosting service, all you have to do is put the banner on your website or include it in the signature of your email. After that, all that is left for you to do, is check your stats and see how you’re progressing. Promote the website and spread the word about PowWeb, and you can earn money for every new customer that you refer. Few companies will allow you such an advantage to become this involved. This just one of the many things that sets PowWeb apart from the rest.

Additionally, PowWeb has many helpful add-ons, should your website require more than the generous package deals cover. Some examples of this include an option to add additional bandwidth, increasing your data transfer allowance per month. Extra disk space can also be purchased for a small fee and, if your ftp files are transferring too slow for your liking, FTPZoom can help to make your file transfers whip by. The ease of PowWeb is made even easier with FrontPage templates, as well as training and, if that wasn’t exciting enough, customers are also offered the option to create multiple MySQL databases, helping to easily manage your account and keep things in order.

From start to finish, PowWeb works with you, making things more easy for you. Featuring web hosting, domain registration, email services, E-commerce services that no online store owner should be without, and talented marketing services, designed to generate more traffic to your account, this company is sure to be turning heads for a long time to come. PowWeb offers the best service for the best value with a company that you can trust. If you’re wondering what you’re missing out on, the introductory offer can’t be beat and it’s a proven fact that, once people try PowWeb, they fall in love. In fact, PowWeb operates one of the largest communities on the internet - Join today and discover what the hype is all about!