Looking For Hosting with MySQL?

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What Is MySQL?
MySQL is an open source database, which means that the MySQL software is available for free on the Internet. Developers can download it and program their own databases quickly and easily. It has become one of, if not the most popular of all relational databases available because it is simple to use, very quick, and highly effective. MySQL is usually used in conjunction with PHP or another programming language to effectively create dynamic web pages. These web pages can be viewed all over the Internet at a wide range of sites because of how widespread its use has now become.

The Popularity Of MySQL Hosting Plans

MySQL has become so popular that the majority of hosting accounts include MySQL support. Gone are the days of boring, static pages. Visitors are demanding much more from websites than just page after page of text. In light of this, webmasters too have joined the dynamic revolution and, subsequently, hosting companies have realized that in order to gain the upper hand in the marketplace they need to offer a level of functionality that webmasters demand. For this reason MySQL has become a welcome and regular feature of almost all shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans.

Check Whether There Are Any Restrictions

One point to note is that while you can find hosts that offer an unrestricted number of MySQL databases it is worth asking the question to ensure that this is the case. If a host declares only that they support MySQL it may be worth contacting the support or sales desk to ask whether there any limitations on the actual number of databases that are allowed per account. Some hosting sites do limit this number, but usually in these cases they also declare on their website how many are allowed per user.

Obviously if you only require one MySQL database then don’t let the limitations put you off purchasing a cheap hosting plan. However, remember that websites do grow and should you need further databases in the future you might need to pay extra or even look elsewhere for a new hosting company.

Consider Fantastico For Dynamic Elements And Web Applications

If you are interested in taking advantage of the features that MySQL and PHP offer when combined but do not have the technical expertise or the time to write the code or configure the scripts to your liking then look for hosts that offer Fantastico as standard. Fantastico is a large collection of scripts that have been written using PHP and MySQL in order to give webmasters the opportunity to incorporate dynamic content and web applications on their website. In most cases the Fantastico scripts are available directly from the control panel and are pre-configured so they can be added to your site in just one or two clicks.

Some Features Of Fantastico

Included in the Fantastico collection is several blogging tools including b2, which is the forerunner of the popular WordPress blogging software. PHP Nuke is a community forum or bulletin board that can be set up in numerous different languages making it a versatile and useful tool. Galleries, FAQ creators, web polls, content management systems, surveys, and even full Wiki scripts are also included in the Fantastico collection.


MySQL hosting, like any hosting, should be chosen according to a number of factors. Obviously you will need to look for hosting plans that offer MySQL support and you should ensure that they offer enough databases for your existing needs and that they are future proof to an extent. However, because many shared hosting plans do include PHP support you will need to look at other factors before determining the right choice for you and your website. Consider how much disk space you will need, how many sites you intend to host, the features you really need, and of course your budget.

If you want the dynamics that MySQL hosting offers without having to write the code or create the database yourself then you might want to consider a hosting plan that offers Fantastico. This is a collection of open source scripts ranging from blogging software to various web applications.