Looking For Multiple Domain Hosting

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What Is Multiple Domain Hosting?
Multiple domain hosting offers a mixed bag of goodies that are ideal for the webmaster with a small network of sites. However, large networks are generally better suited to the use of reseller accounts because of a combination of cost effectiveness and bandwidth and disk space limits. Multiple domain hosting is, in essence, exactly the same as shared hosting. However whereas most shared hosting accounts allow you to host only one account with one domain multiple domain accounts allow you to host a number of different domains.

Some Comments About Multiple Domain Accounts
Each multiple domain account is different to the next. Many hosts offer several levels of hosting and generally the lower or basic level provides just one domain account. As you progress through the levels and subsequently the price you are given the ability to host more and more domains. At the top end of the scale it is possible to find accounts for little more than $10 per month that allow an unlimited number of domains. While this appears appealing you must remember that all of your domains must reach a total bandwidth and disk space that is less than your allotted limit. For instance a multiple domain account that offers three domains, 30GB of bandwidth, and 300MB of disk space essentially gives you the ability to host three websites each with 10GB of bandwidth and 100MB of disk space on average.

Consider A Reseller Package For A Larger Network Of Sites
While these numbers are still workable when considering hosting less than five or six sites, they become extremely restrictive when you want to host ten or more sites. At this point you may be better looking at a basic reseller package. Reseller packages work in a similar way. You pay a monthly fee and receive a bandwidth and disk space allowance. As long as you don’t exceed these limits you are free to host as many domains as you like.

The Cost Compared To Single Domain Accounts
By looking around it is possible to find multiple domain hosting accounts that are no more expensive than single domain accounts. For this you usually receive all of the same benefits, disk space, bandwidth, and other factors but you are also able to host numerous websites through that one account.

Multiple domain hosting is a convenient way to manage a small network of sites. Instead of using several different accounts, possibly even with several different hosts, you have all your account information and your account management details in one area.

A Lack Of Individual Statistics
Unfortunately, though, multiple domain hosting is not without its problems. One of these problems is that any web statistics provided by the account will not usually be split up in the same way as your domains. You may receive statistics for all the sites you have but they will generally appear under just one site. This makes a lot of the analytics on offer quite useless. This problem can be beaten using a free online statistics report though.
A Single Account With A Single Logon
Another problem is that, in a similar way, all sites are managed through a single logon. Not only does this prevent you from potentially using it as an affordable method to resell hosting it also means that you must own all your sites and it is more of a security risk to give out account details to anyone.

Multiple Domain Hosting Conclusions
Some companies provide a tiered method of pricing their multiple domain account possibilities. The more domains you wish to host and the more disk space and bandwidth you require the more the subscription will cost but compared to paying for individual hosting accounts for each one it tends to work out the much cheaper option.

Multiple domain hosting is the perfect option for anyone with a small network of relatively small sites. Using an account like this is convenient, affordable, and simple but does have a few problems. The limits placed on bandwidth and disk space are normally made up of a total of all the domains you have. The same logon gives access to all domains on the one account, which makes it difficult to give out admin responsibilities to others.