MidPhase Hosting Review

Based in Chicago, MidPhase provides many different types of hosting services to a diverse range of clients, both individuals and businesses.

This is one of the few companies that offer incomparable value for money by a good combination of services and competitive costs.

The unique factor is they offer several value-added products and services in addition to the basic packages including:

  • Free website design

  • billing software for resellers

  • Internet marketing services


Combined with the excellent uptime guarantee offered, midPhase has rapidly emerged as one of the best choices for people seeking a good and reliable web hosting service provider.

We all know how competitive the Internet has become and this makes downtime a very bad thing. A website that does not work even for five minutes is a matter of great concern. While it is not possible for any service provide to guarantee a full 100% uptime, midPhase does come quite close with its 99.98% guaranteed uptime per month. Uptime is displayed in real time to all their customers to avoid ambiguity.

Like any other product, one way to determine the reliability and effectiveness is the number of people using it. midPhase is impressive as it serves as the host for thousands of web sites with a global customer base.

Most Internet service providers will set limits on the number and volume of emails based on the package purchased. It is a common practice to offer maybe 2-4 email identities for free and charge for additional mailboxes. MidPhase does away with this limitation, at least for practical purposes, by allowing each customer to have 500 email accounts with unlimited email volume (on most packages). It will be a long time before anyone is going to need more than 500 accounts. In case, through some inexplicable reason, you do end up wanting more services and space, then upgrades are easy. The more than 200 hosting options are more than sufficient.

Different websites have different requirements based on the technologies used to develop them. There is no point in listing all the encyclopedia of acronyms that signify these technologies, let us just say that midPhase can handle anything out there from a simple static website to the most complicated web application using any programming language or database.

Nearly every business likes to have an Internet presence today but there are few people who know anything about Internet security. This is probably the most under-appreciated feature related to any web host provider. midPhase has a good team of network administrators that maintain a constant vigil of the entire hosting network to make sure that all data is safe from malicious damage.

After security, the next most important thing which - when it is needed is needed right now - is technical support. midPhase offers round-the-clock technical support. You can always get in touch with a human being than some automated system.

Similar to other service providers today, controlling your account and settings is accomplished through a web-based control panel, called Cpanel. Through the Cpanel, users can log in and manage their files, e-mail settings, monitor disk usage, view web statistics, and so on. Web statistics are provided through Webalizer, a very professional tracking tool.

Customer service is another admirable factor with connection to midPhase. The company is clearly focused on making sure that all customers are completely happy. MidPhase uses its own technical staff and owns all its equipment, nothing is outsourced and hence everything is more reliable.