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Offering best-of-breed technology, low-cost hosting plans and impeccable uptime performance, LunarPages is a leader in this space. LunarPages is an ideal fit for nearly all individual and business hosting situations. LunarPages promises and delivers reliable hosting backed up by a strong focus on customer service, accountability, maximum uptime and low-low prices. After looking carefully at the full range of hosting plans available, LunarPages was selected as our top choice.

LunarPages Offers Top Level Equipment And Customer Support
One of the fundamental aspects of the LunarPages ethos is a powerful infrastructure in terms of both equipment and personnel. Using Dell, Sun, and Cisco systems LunarPages are able to ensure that coupled with a state of the art data center located in Los Angeles, customers receive a stable, secure, and reliable service. By instigating an Active Response Protocol LunarPages are also able to ensure that they can track any potential problems and act before they surface. This technological infrastructure is backed by a team of industry leading experts that are primarily geared towards providing the highest level of service and customer support.


Hosting Choices
With four levels of hosting account and a reseller’s package there is something for everyone, regardless of needs and site requirements. Even the basic package comes complete with hundreds of dollars worth of free website design software. The basic package also includes a free domain name for life, as many SQL databases as required, 5GB storage, 50GB of data transfer, and the capability of hosting ten websites on one account. These are just some of the main features of the basic package and many more are included in the $2.95 per month subscription charge.

Windows Hosting And The Business Plan
The Windows hosting plan, still affordable priced at just $9.95 per month, includes the same range of features as well as FrontPage support and support. The mammoth business plan enables up to 5000 MB of storage and 400GB of data transfer as well as four free domain names and three add on domains. The business plan is available for $21.95 per month.

Dedicated Hosting
As well as these shared hosting options, LunarPages also offers dedicated hosting for those that want complete control over their web presence. Backup storage, free scripts, powerful host servers, and much more are all part of the dedicated hosting plans available from $99 per month.
1 FREE Domain Name for a year
5 Gigs Storage
50 Gigs Data Transfer
24/7 Award Winning Support!
Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Email/FTP Accounts
Blog, Forum & Photo Gallery
Fantastico (Over 35 Scripts)
Design Software Included FREE
4 FREE Domain Names for Life
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Data Transfer
24/7 Award Winning Support!
E-Commerce Ready
Shopping Cart
Unlimited Databases, Email, FTP Accounts
Blog, Forum & Photo Gallery
Fantastico (Over 35 Scripts)
JSP/ASP Available
Spam Protection- IMAP Support
Microsoft® Frontpage® Compatible
Includes 10 FREE Add-on Domains
1 Free Dedicated IP
Free SSL Installation (Save $24.95)
Ruby on Rails 6, PostGReSQL
MySQL 4+, PHP 4+
MySQL 5 & PHP 5 Available

Site Design Bonuses
Not all of us have the extensive knowledge of HTML and other languages that are required to create websites. The visual site designer is a powerful WYSIWYG design application that requires no knowledge of HTML of any sort.
Complete with nearly 100 website templates to use a starting point it really is as simple as dragging and dropping web page elements onto the appropriate area of your site. As soon as you’re happy with the results you can upload the end product direct to the web and start your online adventures.

This also includes an HTML editor, for those that either have HTML knowledge or would like to have that knowledge. You can quickly and simply swap between the WYSIWYG editor and the HTML editor allowing you much greater control over the look and feel of your site.

Direct FTP Client
If you intend to have more than a single page to your website then you will soon realize how awkward it is to update a single page and then upload it manually to any server. An FTP client essentially allows you to edit, amend, add, or delete content directly on or from the server. The Direct FTP client also enables a single click backup function that will prove invaluable in case of emergency.

Integrated Video Bonus
The CoffeeCup Web Video Player truly allows you to bring your website to life by converting any video files into Flash clips and place them directly on the page of your site. The dynamic look this can give to a site that would ordinarily be filled with static text and images is incredible. You will be able to offer much greater allure to your visitors and keep them on your site, as well as encourage them to purchase or click your links.

Online Forms
Do you want to put forms on your website? Forms offer interactivity between your visitors and you that might otherwise be missing. Offer your visitors an easy way to contact you or send you any thoughts regarding your site. Whatever the reasons for including a form on your site, the Form Creator is a powerful but surprisingly simple tool to use. Within minutes you can create a user friendly form and integrate it directly onto your website.

Google Sitemap Submission
Internet promotion is a baffling field for the first timer. Terms like SEO and directory pinging are nothing short of alien terms when the new Webmaster comes across them. One of the most important aspects is ensuring that you have a clean design with user friendly and search engine capable navigation and code.

The WYSIWYG and HTML editor ensures that you create sites that are easily accessible and the inclusion of Google Sitemapper enables you to get listed in Google in as little as seven days.

Other features include a photo gallery, a web calendar, a jukebox, website search function, and much more. Using the array of tools provided it is easy to create an appealing site that will attract visitors and keep them within the folds of your domain with very little effort on your part.

Professional Web Design Features
For those that would rather leave web design to the professionals, LunarPages has also teamed up with several professional web design companies to bring custom design and powerful site building capabilities. Are you looking for an e-commerce site with a unique logo designed especially for you? The LunarPages website design packages are available at a range of prices for a range of products and can be used to tailor your website precisely to your needs.

LunarPages Awards
As a mark of how well LunarPages has performed for thousands of domains over a space of more than five years they have received multiple awards from some of the most highly regarded companies and reviewers. It is through a powerful combination of affordability, reliability, customer service, and value added extras that LunarPages have managed to consistently attain such a high standard.

Customer Support
Customer support is one of the major selling points of the LunarPages service. They boast five methods by which existing and potential customers can contact them and offer certain guarantees that other hosts, even those offering more expensive plans, simply cannot match.

24-Hour Email Support
Email support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is based on a ticket support method of tracking. This ensures that responses are timely and the knowledge that can be found within the LunarPages team means that the answers you do receive will be accurate and helpful. LunarPages also offer a 15-minute response to presale enquiries and the best way to test this is try it out for yourself immediately. Email them at and ask them any queries or niggling questions, no matter how trivial you may believe them to be.

You will get a response within fifteen minutes- Guaranteed

Support Help Desk
The support help desk is based on the effective ticket support system. You complete a form and submit the resulting ticket. This ticket includes your details as well as those of your query and enables you to track any responses quickly and effectively over the Internet. This way you always know where you stand.

Toll Free Phone Line
Toll free support lines can be invaluable if you have a technical question that needs answering urgently. Whereas some hosts use standard rate numbers, and some even revert to premium rate numbers, LunarPages offers a dedicated toll free line. Even the most complex questions won’t cost you a dime.

Lunar Forums
The Lunar Forums are literally awash with satisfied customers that have had their queries answered for them. You can browse these queries to find an answer yourself or submit your own query and wait for a response from users and professionals alike.

Live Chat
The live chat functions was only released in July 2006 and is already a popular addition to the support network that LunarPages offers. The live chat system ensures you receive immediate attention when you need it.

LunarPages is a hosting company predominantly known for its quality, affordable shared hosting plans. Because of the incredible network of support and help that is offered they prove particularly beneficial for the first time website owner but they also offer plenty for the more experienced webmasters among us.

The inclusion of over $700 of CoffeeCup software is a serious deal sweetener that should have you chomping at the bit already. Do not spend another minute contemplating inferior hosts with questionable uptime, rude support staff and random inexplicable server outages! Check out what LunarPages has to offer below...

I'm having a great experience at LunarPages. The support is phenomenal! I still haven't had to post to the forum because 99% of my questions are already answered or covered in the Knowledge Base.

I have used the live chat support and the staff is attentive and informative. Also, I know that if I need phone support, the toll-free line is there for me. Because I run a very busy online retail business, my needs are very high, but LunarPages has met the challenge every time!

LunarPages is the best host I have come across in 10 years of experience. I get outstanding support, reliability, and a fully featured plan for an awesome price. My customers have also noted the speed increase and reliability of the site. Thanks very much. I'll be referring all my friends to Lunarpages hosting.
James Revillini

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