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How to Throttle Your Competitors

If you are in the affiliate marketing business, then you are probably more than aware of the fact that keywords mean everything.

If your keywords are misspelled, irrelevant, or simply make no sense, it can lead to disastrous consequences for your Internet business. First of all, your site will not rank very well on the major search engines like Yahoo and Google because your keywords will not match what the search engine visitors are looking for. Second, if you do not use the right keywords for the product or service that you are promoting, few people will get a chance to view your advertisements or website and even fewer will actually be inclined to buy from you. If you want to stand a decent chance of being successful as an internet marketer, then it is extremely important that you learn what keywords to use to get the maximum amount of people to click on your ads and purchase what you are selling. You also have to know where to find the best resources fir keyword research, make sure that your keywords are not redundant and oversaturated and how to avoid keywords that are too expensive.

Not only do you have to worry about which keywords to use, but you also have to be on the lookout for constant and fierce competition for your keywords.

You probably already know that keyword competition can be a very serious problem for Internet affiliates, but many people are not clear as to why. The reason behind a great deal of these keyword bidding wars is actually quite simple; affiliates who promote the same products usually tend to use the same keywords for their products and services. Since there are thousands of affiliates and products out there but only a few keywords to go around, demand for the most desirable keywords is extremely high. To make matters worse, you have to pay for your keywords, meaning that affiliates often end up in intense and bitter bidding wars over the most common keywords. Even if you are lucky enough to outbid the competition, you will have to pay a very high price for your keywords. Having such high operating costs can severely damage your bottom line, and it may become increasingly difficult to generate a profit. In order to prevent this from happening, you will need to learn how to locate keywords that have little or no competition. This is done by researching keywords that aren’t in high demand but are still just as effective as some of the most sought-after keywords.

There is a hot new product on the market that will help you in your quest to locate and use the best keywords for your website, affiliate site or marketing campaign.

Brad Callen, the creator of the overwhelmingly successful “SEO Elite” program, has outdone himself yet again and has developed “Keyword Elite”, a top-notch system that will help you take your campaign or project to the next level by helping you find high-quality and inexpensive keywords. Keyword Elite takes keyword research to the next level by generating high-revenue lists of AdSense keywords. Each list contains over 10,000 keywords and can be generated in less than three minutes! The Keyword Elite software will create massive keyword lists, sort, arrange and categorize keywords and upload hundreds of Google AdWords campaigns with just the push of a button! Keyword Elite will also help you discover hidden keywords and once-secret niches by performing comprehensive research on the competition for your pay per click campaigns on Enhance, Yahoo, Google and Miva.

Keyword Elite will help make the most out of your affiliate program by showing you how to identify the best keywords and locating them for you.

This is very important because you must choose your keywords very carefully if you want to have a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Since you only have a few lines of text and a limited keyword budget to grab people’s attention, you have to make sure that you make every word count. You need to find keywords that are as descriptive and relevant as possible if you want to get higher rates of conversion for our ad or affiliate site. Keyword Elite is one of the best keyword research tools on the market because within seconds, it will generate a report of which keywords work the best and bring in the most money for certain affiliate marketing campaigns. The Keyword Elite system takes all of the guesswork out of keyword research and selection by conducting thorough searches for the most successful and profitable keywords. Gone are the days of wasting considerable amounts of time and money sitting by the computer and sorting through countless databases and search engines searching for the right keywords for your affiliate marketing campaign. The Keyword Elite system will also provide information regarding the amount each keyword is selling for, the amount of revenue that each keyword is expected to generate and which keywords will bring in the most amount of money for your programs.


The Keyword Elite system will also help you stay one step ahead of the competition. As stated earlier, keyword competition can be very tough and intense.

The first come, first served nature of keyword sales often results in severe bidding wars over the best keywords. Keyword Elite will ensure that you avoid the bidding wars and always come out on top. The Keyword Elite software package comes complete with cutting edge “covert research” technology that will not only help you uncover thousands of previously undiscovered niches, but will also generate tens of thousands of keywords for Google AdSense and spy on the competition’s keywords. In real time, you will be able to view an unlimited number of competitor websites to see what strategy that they are using. You will be able to learn precisely what methods are making money for the competition, and use those same methods to start making money for yourself. This is all completely legal, and you better believe that you competition is studying your every move, so this is the best way to protect yourself. The Keyword Elite system will also show you how well optimized your rival’s web pages, AdSense videos and AdWords campaigns are. One of the reasons Brad developed this groundbreaking software in the first place is he saw first hand how fierce and cutthroat the competition has become over the past few years. As a seasoned Internet marketer with several years of experience creating, managing, and administering all kinds of sales and affiliate marketing campaigns, Brad has had his fair share of run ins with competitors and he wants to spare you the same fate. There are thousands and thousands of people out there who would like nothing more than to take you out of your top position and steal your profits. There is a huge keyword war going on right now, and only the sharpest and most clever people will survive. Keyword Elite will arm you with all the tools you need to gain (and keep) the upper hand. You will be able to legally snoop on the competition and stay covert at all times, allowing you to study and learn their every move and beat them at their own game while simultaneously maximizing your profit and earnings.

You will also be able to surpass your competition’s profits margins by using the Keyword Elite system.

With just the click of a button, Keyword Elite will populate a current, updates list of effective and inexpensive keywords that other affiliates know nothing about. With continued use, your operating costs will be cut in half, allowing you to pocket a much bigger portion of your revenues than you did in the past. You also will not have to worry about wasting your money on keywords that are too expensive or do not work for your campaign. The research tools provided by Keyword Elite ensure that you will always choose the keywords that will bring in the most revenue and sales. You will also be provided with comprehensive information on the conversion rates of certain keywords, what campaign/keyword combinations work the best and consumer response to a keyword. Keyword Elite’s multiple search functions means that you can find out just about anything about a keyword, competitor site or affiliate marketing program. With Keyword Elite, you will be able to search keywords and affiliate marketing campaigns by year, date, month, search engine and various other fields.

One of the best things about Keyword Elite is that is will spell out to you in plain English what campaigns and affiliate programs are hot and which ones are not.

Anyone who has been in the affiliate marketing business know that time is money, and time wasted on trial and error often does severe and in some cases irreversible damage to your bottom line. If you have lost money on what you initially thought was a promising campaign that ended up being a complete flop, this is probably the most important letter you will ever read. There is finally a product out there that will tell you the expected amount of revenue that a particular affiliate marketing or Google AdWords campaign will generate before you invest one dime or hour of energy on it. Keyword Elite takes all of the guesswork out of doing business online by showing you the products, services, campaigns, keywords and programs that are guaranteed to make you money. Have you been recently solicited by someone via email or instant message offering a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to promote their product and aren’t sure how to go about looking to see if the offer is legitimate? Keyword Elite can take care of that as well. The system allows you to look up an unlimited amount of campaigns and affiliate sites and review their sales performance, amount of clicks and their search engine optimization strategy.

Since we’re on the subject of Search engine Optimization, it is worth mentioning that Keyword Elite can help your website, text ad or affiliate site get and keep a top ranking on all of the major search engines.

Keyword Elite’s powerful research tools ensure that you are consistently able to get the hottest and most lucrative keywords from all of the search engines and instantly optimize your content. In addition to helping you with your AdSense, Google AdWords and pay per click keyword research, Keyword Elite will also help you to properly optimize your site so that they will be indexed on the search engines quicker and get a higher ranking as well. Not only will the Keyword Elite software create massive lists of Keywords and spy on the competition, but it will also show you how your site and the sites of your competitors are ranking on the search engines. Keyword Elite will equip you with extremely valuable insider information that will help you determine which optimization techniques you should use to increase your site’s traffic and search engine ranking. Keyword Elite analyzes your competitor’s search engine optimization strategy by taking a look at the following:

• Whether or not any keywords are used in the first or last 25 words on the website
• The presence and/or location of the H1 tag
• The presence and/or location of a title tag
• The presence and/or location of an italics tag
• The presence and/or location of a bold tag
• The presence and/or location of any alternative text tags

Professional search engine optimization consultants typically charge thousands of dollars for this kind of research and analysis, but thanks to Keyword Elite, this information is with just a few clicks of a button and at no additional cost to you. Once you are equipped with this kind of information, you will have a huge head start on the competition by optimizing and outranking all other sites in all of the major search engines.

Keyword Elite is without question one of the best keyword research tools on the market.

Keyword programs have come and gone over the years, but Keyword Elite is nothing like anything you have ever used in the past. Brad’s innovative new software is simply head and shoulders above all of the other products out there. One of the things that make Keyword Elite stand out from the rest is its versatility. Many other programs just build keyword lists, but Keyword Elite does much more than that. Keyword Elite included features that you simply will not find anywhere else and brad is always trying new things to make the system even better. Here are just a few of the exciting features that you will find only on Keyword Elite:

• Frequent and free upgrades. Once you purchase the Keyword Elite system, you never have to pay one dime for upgrades, updates or technical support, ever! Not only are upgrades free, they also include just about everything you as a customer could ever ask for. There is a section in the members only forum devoted solely to future requests. If consumer demand is high enough, Brad will implement your requests in the next version of Keyword Elite. Brad makes it his business to make sure that you are always getting the freshest, most current information available. In fact, Keyword Elite is updated more frequently than any other keyword research tool on the market!
• The Keyword Elite Success Blueprint. Are you a novice to the affiliate marketing business and don’t know how to get started? If so, then this guide is definitely for you. This 30 page manual will guide you step by step and teach you everything you need to know to become a seasoned expert in setting up affiliate marketing, text ad and pay per click campaigns, even if you know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing! This guide will show you how to instantly start making money in just about any niche and how to build multiple streams of residual income. The Success Blueprint also contains real life case studies that can be used as examples on how to set up your own campaigns. These examples will show you how to find and create massive keyword lists for your campaigns, how to spy on the competition, and how to tap in to undiscovered markets. The Success Blueprint is a 67 dollar value when sold separately, but it comes included in the Keyword Elite package absolutely free.
• Unlimited and exclusive access to the Keyword Elite member forum. Available only to Keyword Elite subscribers, this forum allows affiliate marketers from around the world to get together and exchange ideas. This kind of brainstorming will allow you to tap into to all kinds of talent and get a feel for what is hot in the market right now. You can also exchange tips on how to better improve your campaigns. The forum also includes a section that allows you to send requests and suggestions to improve the system directly to Brad himself!

So what are you waiting for? You can keep doing what you have been doing and getting the same mediocre results or you can finally say it’s time for a change and purchase Keyword Elite. Thousands of people have already tried the Keyword Elite system and have been making thousands of dollars ever since, isn’t time that you finally started to cash in on the action? Don’t be out of the loop, download Keyword Elite today!