Jumpline Review

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With over 20,000 web hosting customers since 1997, Jumpline has the experience to back its claims of unparalleled security and the most advanced hosting technology.

The genesis of Jumpline’s success can be tracked to its use of Virtual Dedicated Server technology, or VDS, the newest technology in the industry.

Instead of relying on virtual technology (VT), which is what most hosting sites use, this state-of-the art hosting site’s VDS server allows its clients to operate independently from other sites on the same physical machine.

When VDS first came out, it filled a void between shared web hosting services and dedicated hosting services, and Jumpline was quick to pounce on that concept. VDS was discovered by a company called Sphera, a leading hosting software provider. Jumpline now partners with Sphera to provide this advantage. Unlike sites that rely on VT, Jumpline offers clients their own server software. This software runs inside an isolated file directory and each website runs autonomously. In essence, each client has their own UNIX environment.

Superior Security
This crucial Jumpline feature reduces the security vulnerabilities considerably. Competitors who use VT utilize the same server for all their clients. This means that all the client files are in the same directory. A single compromise or virus could bring down all the sites. With VDS, this is not a concern.

This root-level access without a physically dedicated server is also very popular in cases where a customized solution is required.

Software Control
Jumpline allows its clients administrative privileges. In this manner, they have complete control over their software. Additional applications may be installed by the clients themselves, and other virtual hosting accounts may be created.

Software Tests Easier
Jumpline’s VDS allows for simultaneous deployment. A single server can run two virtual private sectors. One is the “live”, or production-level version, and the second is a copy. This comes in handy when an update to a crucial part of the software is needed. Rather than having to introduce the update at the “live” level, updates are tested on the copy.

This two-sector scenario also works well for those who are interested in tracking down vulnerabilities in their software; programs with known flaws can deliberately be run and analyzed.

Five Web Hosting Levels
Plan 1 Jumpline provides up to 13 websites which can all be operated on a single VDS account. This plan is ideal for personal websites and lets clients use their favorite programming application or CGI script. Clients also have FTP access and FrontPage 2002 extensions. Phone support (as with all plans) is U.S.-based and available weekdays from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Plan 2 allows an access of up to 30 websites and is recommended for home-based or small businesses. A dedicated IP address lets the client get started immediately. A database server and e-commerce support is included. FrontPage and SSH and SFTP File Transfer Protocols are also part of the package.

Plan 3 Clubs or groups will want to opt for this one where they can host up to 30 websites. Clients get a dedicated IP line and E-commerce support, more programming languages (including Ruby), and a secure Linux server. As is the case with all plans, a free domain name is part of the package.

Plan 4 Web developers will want to splurge on the fourth plan. It offers up to 40 sites, database and e-commerce support. A popular feature with this plan is the many scripting languages offered, including C/C++. FrontPage with SSH and SFTP is also included.

Plan 5
The “best” plan, with no limit on additional sites, is recommended for medium to large sized businesses. It has all the features of the other plans and offers Tomcat as an additional scripted language. (Tomcat is not an option with the other four plans.) With 8,000 megabytes of disk space this plan helps busy clients maintain even the most complex sites.

Back up/Restore
A daily back up and restore system by IBM protects all data, all the time, against hardware failure. The system holds full data back ups for 30 days. In addition, any incremental changes to your VDS will be backed up on a daily basis. If needed, data on the back up system can be accessed within a matter of hours.

Affordable Set-up Fee
For a yearly agreement there is no set-up fee. For monthly agreements there is a $30 set up fee.

All in all, with the reliability of its cutting edge VDS (which provides a bulletproof infrastructure) and its wide selection of tools and applications, Jumpline is a frontline contender in hosting solutions.