IX Web Hosting

Award-winning IX Web Hosting is fully compatible, whether you run Windows, Linux, or Mac OS on your computer. Boasting that they offer hosting on both Linux and Windows’ platforms, allowing the user to run any application they like, they offer free demos of their control panel, 24/7 live support, and affordable packages, starting as low as $3.95 per month. Additionally, IX Web Hosting hosts an impressive 150,000 domains on their own data center in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, alone.

IX Web Hosting boasts an impressive number of awards, consistently being voted as best hosting company as well as receiving numerous awards for their low cost. It’s very rare to find a company that offers this degree of hosting quality, coupled with such an affordable price. This places IX Web Hosting at the top of the list as an ideal place for those who want web hosting for private use or small-market business. Of course, larger corporations are sure to appreciate the inexpensive rates as well.

As well as having their own technical support team and customer service staff available 24/7 for live assistance, IX Web Hosting is also a member of BBB Online’s Reliability Program, and has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2004. In business since December 16th of 2002, they are also a Hacker Safe site, which prevents more than 99% of all hacker crimes, and are continually acknowledged as being the ‘premier hosting choice‘ for those who are seeking quality hosting services. IX Web Hosting is known to have the industry‘s best uptime and outstanding customer service. Amazing, considering how affordable their prices are.

While this company offers some great deals, the website tends to spend a lot of time urging you to compare them to this or that company, rather that really driving home some of the bonuses of IX Web Hosting. The compatibility and price are definite bonuses, as is the live technical support, but this is not stressed as much as one might expect and there is some fine print to read through, in regards to Windows programs and non-Windows hosting. Additionally, there are more costs for Windows plans. While they are honest in their claims that there will be no hidden fees, the print regarding additional fees does appear kind of out of the way and is easily overlooked.

Fortunately, however, the company does offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with the hosting service. Furthermore, they go an extra step and offer their users an “anytime money-back guarantee.” This means that, if the subscriber is unhappy, they may request a refund of the full current month’s fees and any additional money that may have been pre-paid for future months (this is not including any over-usage, setup fees and free domain registration costs. Even more reassuring is that three is also a price-freeze guarantee, keeping the company from raising your prices, once you’ve become an established customer.

While it’s promising that they have great prices and are easily accessible, rather than leaving the users to wait on recorded messages for hours, it’s discouraging to find links to pages that ask potential customers to compare plans and compare competitors, while guarantees and customer feedback is hard to locate. In order to truly learn about IX Web Hosting, one really needs to go through the website, in detail, page by page. This can prove distracting for those who like to quickly skim sites, when searching for new hosting, and risks missing some potential customers.

IX Web Hosting has established itself as a strong and reliable web hosting provider, but it would definitely be nice to see these strong points more boldly displayed. With all this time spent comparing, when a user could be hearing more strengths and bonuses regarding the company, there is a strong possibility that one may be distracted and led away from the assets of this business. The truth of the matter? If you take the time to read through the entire site and focus on the facts, IX Web Hosting provides superior bang for your buck .


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