iPowerweb Hosting Review:
Speed, Power And Affordability

Initial Impressions
iPowerweb brings complete transparency to the hosting market making it the ideal choice for first time webmasters and small businesses. Whereas many hosting companies opt for a tiered structure and various baffling packages, iPowerweb instead gives a minimal range of what they describe as all-inclusive packages.

They offer standard hosting, Windows hosting, and dedicated server packages, as well as low-cost domain names. This combined with the impressively affordable rate make it the obvious choice for people with little or no knowledge of hosting.

iPowerweb Packages
If you are looking for a hosting company that removes the confusion and replaces it with clean and concise instructions and jargon free packages then iPowerweb really is ideal.

Even the more experienced webmasters and businesses looking for an affordable hosting package that is not limited to small disk space and bandwidth allowances can undoubtedly find the package for them with iPowerweb. The standard hosting package, called the Business Pro package, offers a huge range of features that you shouldn’t have to do without.

Security And Service Stability
Through partnership with AT&T Global, iPowerweb are able to offer incredible speed and connectivity. Clearly these aren’t the only factors a Webmaster needs to consider when looking for a hosting package but they certainly go a long way for professional websites looking to make the right first impression. The iPowerweb data center is also very robust. Because of multi-layered security, you are assured of the highest level of security as well as minimized downtime through malicious actions. Two completely independent power sources also means that the servers are unlikely to suffer outage due to a loss of power. This means that the iPowerweb can guarantee a 99.9% network uptime, which is difficult to beat with any package from any hosting company.

The Business Pro Package
The Business Pro package is geared towards individuals and any sized business. You will also receive a free domain name that includes 100 sub-domains and an unlimited amount of external domain pointing. 2,500 POP3 emails with web based access are also included as part of the package, which should provide the majority of people and organizations with more than an ample amount. This also includes unlimited auto-responders and email forwarding and filtering.

Extension Support
Having complete control over your website is essential, especially when it comes to making changes and updates. As well as PHP, Perl, and FrontPage extension support iPowerweb offers a CGI-BIN, MySQL, and Server Side Includes (SSI). Every account also receives free online statistics that enable you to track visitors. The information includes how your visitors found your site, the pages they visited, how long they spent on the pages of your site and much more. This information can prove invaluable when you undertake any online marketing campaign.

Site Backup
Creating a back up of your site should be done regularly and properly. The unthinkable can happen, and when data loss includes your website it means you will lose revenue and potential customers. The effects can be devastating in many ways. Fortunately, with an iPowerweb hosting account backing up your website is simple and quick to do enabling you to protect your investment.

E-Commerce Functions
Setting up an e-commerce website? OS Commerce is among the most well known and highly utilized of all shopping cart packages. An OS Commerce shopping cart provides functionality and ease to you and your customers and makes online shopping easy and profitable. As well as providing an OS Commerce shopping cart, iPowerweb also provides Agora and Paypal carts giving you the freedom to choose the most viable alternative.

FTP Access And File Management
Constantly uploading a website can mean regular changes to numerous pages. Amending them one at a time and then reflecting these changes on your actual site can be a long, drawn out procedure. FTP allows you to change your pages directly on the server making the process much quicker and a lot simpler. FTP manager and FTP support offer by iPowerweb gives this functionality to you. The included file manager also allows for the easy addition, editing, and deletion of files on your server.

Dynamic Content And Scripts
Dynamic websites get your visitors involved and this level of involvement often encourages them to purchase your product, pay for your service, or click links on your site. There are many different ways to offer visitors a level of interactivity that encourages them to continue visiting your site and using your service. Using free power scripts included in the price of your hosting account you will be bale to add bulletin boards, simple chat rooms, blogs, and polls.

Further dynamic features that are included with the iPowerweb Business Pro package include formail scripts that make adding forms to your website simple, a guestbook script, a picture gallery, and a simple search function. All Business Pro users receive several very beneficial Java plug-ins that can be used to add a clock, date, counter, and a countdown function to your website.

Why Include Dynamic Content On Your Site?

Dynamic content offers your users an in-depth experience within the pages of your website. By adding SubPortal, included in your hosting package, you can add numerous dynamic features to your site. These features include news headlines, fresh content, contests, even domain registration and more. By adding some or all of these you can help promote your own site, encourage new visitors, and even promote your site with the search engines.

Customer Support Details
Customer support is a vital aspect of any relationship with a website host. There are many technical aspects to hosting your site, especially if you intend to add dynamic content and scripts to your site. iPowerweb offers free support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As well as providing a customer support email address and toll free phone number, iPowerweb also provides a ticket based online support system and answers are provided within 24 hours of making contact. Technical support is forthcoming from the numerous hosting engineers and technical experts that are on hand meaning you can enjoy a seamless relationship and a faultless hosting experience.

All new clients receive full support in hosting their site for the first time. This assistance in getting your website live may prove invaluable if you are an inexperienced webmaster. As a new client you will also receive a free domain, a website content package, and a marketing package. Transfer customers receive a free hosting transfer as well.

The Marketing Package
Online marketing is an expansive and often complicated area. As well as the capability of adding fresh content and news headlines you will also receive free banner advertisements, search engine placement, full newsletter management software, and a range of references and how-to guides that assist in all aspects of online marketing. $50 free Overture credit makes the marketing package well worth using.

Domain Name Registration
iPowerweb also offers domain name registration at unusually low prices for a hosting company. $6.50 per registration buys you your domain name, a free parking page, domain privacy guard, DNS manager, redirects, and other domain name utilities. Simply for registering a domain with iPowerweb you receive the $50 of free Overture credits that will generate as many as 500 targeted hits to your website. The $6.50 registration fee is the same regardless of the top-level domain you use.

The Windows Pro Package
Webmasters looking for Access database support, Windows server functions, and ASP support need not look further than the Windows Pro package. Priced under $10 per month you receive free setup and the choice of either a free domain or a free transfer. You also receive 500 emails, 5 MySQL databases, free email forwarding and many more features.

iPowerweb Hosting Conclusion
Web hosting is a vital aspect of running a successful online business or Internet presence. With good hosting you can be sure that your website does not suffer any undue outage or downtime and that you receive the full service in terms of support and customer support. However, you still don’t want to have to pay an unreasonable amount of money to receive these benefits and who can blame you?

iPowerweb offers extremely high quality and reasonably priced hosting packages that include everything you could need.

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