A Brief Introduction To Web Hosting

What Is A Web Host?
A web host is a company that utilizes web severs in order to allow you to server your own website or web pages to the Internet. Essentially these servers are just powerful computers although in reality the differences are the major stumbling block to owning your own. Running your own web server generally proves very costly and without the appropriate knowledge and expertise it is a fruitless task. Because web hosts have the necessary experience and the technical know-how they can host your websites and provide you with a more affordable and generally more stable environment.

Why Most Companies Outsource Hosting

The Internet generation has seen many small businesses and even an increasing number of larger organizations turn to outsourcing various tasks. By outsourcing your web hosting needs to a professional service you should be able to ensure that your website does not suffer any ill effects. A web host has the required knowledge not only of hosting sites but also of the software that many webmasters and businesses demand. In some cases this software comes pre-installed on the server; this is especially true with shared hosting packages. There are several different types, or levels, of hosting that you might want to consider.

About Shared Hosting – Affordable And Feature Packed

Shared hosting is easily the most common of all hosting packages. Numerous websites are hosted on one server and are allotted a specified amount of disk space and monthly bandwidth. The options available with different shared hosting packages are seemingly limitless when you first start looking but knowing what you want before you begin can make the hunt a lot easier in the long run. The first decision you should take is whether you require a Unix/Linux based server or a Windows based server. While Windows has the upper hand in terms of the operating system market this isn’t true with server software. Linux servers are cheaper, offer more space, and generally have a greater array of features available to the Webmaster.

About Dedicated Hosting – Powerful But Technical

Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting because it allows a single website sole access to a server. This means an increased amount of bandwidth and disk space. It also means that you can decide on the software that is installed on your server and remove any unnecessary applications. Generally, more knowledge of how hosting and the Internet in general works is required although a managed hosting solution negates this requirement.

About Managed Hosting – Powerful But Pricey

Managed hosting falls in between these two options in terms of knowledge requirements. A site is still afforded its own server but a full array of technical services is offered in conjunction with this. As well as general server administration, technical support and maintenance are offered as standard with a managed hosting package. Because of this level of intervention on the part of the hosting service provider this package is typically very expensive.

About VPS Hosting – Relatively Powerful And More Cost Efficient
Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting offers many of the technical aspects of dedicated hosting but typically costs less. A single host machine has several partitions installed and each website is given one partition and remote access. This is a good step from shared hosting to any of the other packages.

Choosing The Right Package For Your Needs

The type of hosting package you require is entirely dependent on your needs. Prices can vary from company to company as can the features on offer. Always ensure that you receive the features you want before you consider the budget because while some hosts will offer you the opportunity to purchase premium additions to your package these do cost a premium.

Hosting Conclusion

Web hosting is essential if you want your own web presence. While it will invariably seem a daunting task when you first start your search for a web host do as much research as you can and try to determine exactly what you require. Because there are so many hosting companies operating on the Internet you’re sure to find one that offers everything you require.