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Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting companies today. However, whether or not this is a justified popularity is questionable. Some companies are popular because they have good advertising, while others are popular because they have good service. Hostgator seems to have the good advertising down, but do they match up with their services and pricing?

Hostgator offers 4 different packages for people with different needs - Hatchling, Baby, Swamp, and Semi-Dedicated. Each of the four packages has different prices and different features. The different features for each of the different hosting plans are as follows:

Disk space - 50GB
Bandwidth - 200GB
1 Domain allowed
No site builder included
Free setup
Cost of the plan is $6.95 a month.

The hatchling is the cheapest plan available at Hostgator, yet there are many other companies that offer much better service and features at less than Hostgator, or at the same price. As such, you can get better features at the same price elsewhere.

Disk Space - 100GB
Bandwidth - 1000GB
Unlimited domains allowed
An easy to use site builder is included
Free setup
Cost of this plan is $9.95 a month

The only clear advantage that Hostgator has over some other hosting providers is the infinite domain and subdomains that you can host from the same account. However, there are other companies that give you this capability at a much lower price and with better features.

This is comparable to standard plans found with most companies.
Disk Space - 200GB
Bandwidth - 2000GB
Unlimited domains and sub domains are provided with this plan as well
The Swamp plan costs $14.95
The features offered in this plan are similar to what many other hosting companies offer as standard features, and the price of this package is about 3 times as much. However, there are some redeeming qualities of Hostgator that we will look at shortly.

This is an option for those who don't quite like the shared hosting option, but don't want to go for an expensive dedicated server either. However, this service actually turns out to be quite counter-productive as instead of combining the best of both the worlds, it combines the worst, and what you get is an expensive, limited service. The only good part is that this is a lot more stable and the uptime will be a lot more.
As is clear, the features available are a lot more limited with this service, especially when the price is taken into consideration. With the semi-dedicated service, you get:
Disk Space - 25GB
Bandwidth per month - 500GB
Unlimited domains and subdomains, free setup, and support are provided for all semi-dedicated plans.
The cost - $74.95 a month
Now that's a pretty high price to pay for a very limited bandwidth and disk space, and a server that is still technically shared.

However, there are some good things about Hostgator that are worth mentioning. For example, Hostgator offers excellent customer support and setup. Since there are some companies that charge extra for both of these, it makes Hostgator a good option. Secondly, the extras and the additional features offered by Hostgator are also exceptionally good. Although this alone is not enough to justify the higher cost.

The other service that Hostgator provides is that of dedicated servers. The prices and the features of the dedicated servers are a lot more competitive than the shared hosting. Keep in mind that most people will not need anything more than the very basic configuration, which is highly affordable at $174 a month. In any case, the dedicated servers available at Hostgator are amongst the best available today, thanks to their extra features and superb support.
All in all, Hostgator does not match up to some others in terms of shared hosting. However, if you are looking into getting a dedicated sever, then Hostgator is amongst the best out there. The excellent support, the additional features, scripts, and focus on quality over the amount of disk and bandwidth limitations make Hostgator a worthy choice amongst the different hosting options available today.

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