HostGator: Investing in Research for Future Hosting Technologies

HostGator Review
HostGator is proud to offer excellence in the area of web hosting services to over 400,000 websites. They offer shared, dedicated, and reseller hosting options to businesses of all sizes from all around the world. HostGator takes pride in offering the best customer service in the industry, ensuring your experiences with them are nothing short of excellent. This dedication ensures that their customers are always well taken care of, despite the sheer number of people who subscribe to their services. Even though you are one of thousands, they make you feel like you are the most important customer they have. This is the feeling that happens when customer service take precedence over profit. HostGator is continuously topping themselves when it comes to this kind of loyalty-driving service.

HostGator has been in business since 2002. The result of their business practices have earned them the respect of businesses on a global level. HostGator has earned enough profit providing web hosting services, that they are now debt free. This means a large portion of their earnings can be invested in research to find better technological applications for providing the best web hosting services. This means that when something new comes on the hosting scene, HostGator customers are sure to have first access to it. This also gives HostGator the opportunity to offer exclusive services found nowhere else. They also have the money to invest in servers to meet the needs of all their customers. This means that they will never overextend themselves, a problem which can cause annoying downtime for customers, because their servers will always be able to meet their clients’ traffic demands. They invest a large sum of money to properly train their customer service staff, to ensure that their customers always get quality results and responses to questions and technical issues.

The customer support team consists of 40 individuals who are well educated in the areas of web hosting issues. You can ask them for assistance with questions, concerns, or technical issues 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via chat, phone, and a ticket system. In an unprecedented move, HostGator has allowed customers the option of requesting to have their technical issues addressed by the owner of the company, Brent Oxley. Now that is customer service at a level higher than expected by any type of company out there.

For additional services, consider looking at the Knowledge Base. Here you will find information and answers to frequently asked questions and concerns that customers have expressed to HostGator. There are also step-by-step tutorials offered in the Knowledge Base, for customers who wish to gain more hands on knowledge in particular areas. This allows you to take your time and learn about everything HostGator has to offer, as if you have a personal coach from HostGator sitting right next to you.

HostGator sponsors an interactive online hosting community. Here, customers can talk with each other about technical issues and business endeavors. This is a great place to get advice, share stories, and build relationships with others who participate in e-commerce, as well as connect with other HostGator subscribers.

If you are looking for outstanding web hosting service, you have come to the right place. HostGator offers 99.9% uptime. This company will assist you in changing to their service from another provider without any downtime. You will receive this service at no charge. You can choose from one of four plans:

The Hatchling plan offers 50GB of disk space and 200 GB bandwidth for $6.95 per month.

The Baby plan offers 100 GB of disk space and 1,000 GB bandwidth for $9.95 monthly. Choose

The Swamp plan offers 200 GB of disk space and 2,000 GB bandwidth for $14.95 each month.

The Semi-Dedicated plan offers you 250 GB of disk space and 500 GB bandwidth. The monthly cost of this plan is $74.95.

For businesses interested in Dedicated web hosting, HostGator has what you are looking for. Every Dedicated server comes with free management and control panel. There are four Dedicated plans to choose from and all feature free setup. The basic plan is $174.00 per month. This plan is best used by individual and small businesses. The standard plan costs $219.00 per month, with the elite at $279.00 per month. For large companies expecting a huge demand on their website, consider the Pro at a cost of $374.00 per month.

Many customers choose to participant in the reseller opportunities. HostGator sponsors more than 10,000 resellers. They purchase the services of HostGator, then resell the best network, servers, and support while launching their own hosting business on a much smaller scale than HostGator.

HostGator advertises as the best host, the best network, and the best choice. With a customer base of 400,000 businesses who are satisfied, there is no arguing with those statements. HostGator is able to meet all the web hosting needs of each company quickly and efficiently, their customer service team has advance education in the areas of web hosting issues, and they are also very friendly and willing to assist you with any questions, concerns, or technical issues. HostGator understands that your website operations effect your business. They work hard to ensure your website is always working in the manner it was designed to. 

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