Google AdSense Tips

Blogging to the Bank - Earn an extra 1000 - 2000 per month by doing a little Blogging in your spare time!

Want to enter a slacker career? Craving to see money roll in while you are off in a dreamland? AdSense can do that for you. We all know that money is hard to come by these days, but you can definitely take up this permanent part-time job, or rather a hobby, and get rich.

Making Sense Out Of AdSense

AdSense is a program developed by Google which allows you to earn revenue just by toggling a few things on your webpage. What comes after that would be something truly priceless. You can simply lay around at home and watch the money roll in. AdSense will provide relevant advertisements that are suited to the content posted on your webpage. Should you add a Google search engine box on your site, AdSense will provide relevant advertisements based on your visitors’ search requests too.

Tips on How To Get Rich More Quickly With AdSense

Of course, you would have to organize your page so that you would be able to allocate a certain section for advertisements to be placed. It is easy to maximize your earnings. Just think of the supermarket, what catches your eye the most? In fact, Companies pay to have their items to be placed at the eye level so that customers are more likely to see it and buy it. Likewise, the most profitable advertisement locations would be where people would be able to see it the moment they arrive at your webpage, that is, right in the middle or surrounding places. Never ever place your advertisements at the bottom of the page or at the top right hand corner of the page because most people do not take notice of those areas! Before designing the layout, ask yourself what are all the most frequent areas you would take notice on a website. That is the place you should place your advertisement.

How It Works

Create a new website or optimize your already existing site in tune with the requirements of AdSense. Submit your site and create an account in Google. You will be prompted to verify through a valid e-mail ID, which is actually going to be your user-name for logging in to your account. Google will scrutinize your site in two aspects. The staff will see that the content, lay out and the hosting aspects of your site. The crawler software of Google will create a report of tangible elements like key words, links, pages and matches of your content in the Internet. Google will respond within one week of submission. They may decline to accept your site if they are not satisfied with the above said attributes. Repair, re-submit and get your site accepted.

The Sweet Message


Your Google AdSense application has been approved. You can now activate your account and start displaying Google ads and AdSense for search on your site in minutes…”

On receiving this detailed message from the Google AdSense Team, you can start pasting the HTML codes in your website. These will be displayed as Search strips and advertisements on your site. The advertisements will be in tune with the content of your site. For example, if your site is full of information about Apparel and Fashion, the ads will be on T-shirts, garments and dress material. Do not place assorted content in your site because this will lead the Google software to place zigzag of ads. Visitors may be irritated by unsolicited offers.

A Word Of Caution

Even after the approval and a lot of payments from Google, your account may be deleted by the AdSense team, if you happen to click on ads in your own site. Also restrain from asking your friends and relatives to click on ads. Google has some highly sophisticated software to check this feature. Of course you won’t do that! But just in case…


The sweetest sentence ever read is ‘Check enclosed’. Payment threshold in Google AdSense is 50 US$. There are people out there who are receiving a check from Google every alternate day.

Adsense Tips Conclusion

In all, AdSense would be a great option for you if you need that extra cash. But before you see all that cash rushing into your bank account, do try to optimize your website through strategic means first. Well… you would be that much closer to being a millionaire if you strategize! So why contented with that measly income of yours? Get a new part time job, get AdSense!

Blogging to the Bank - Earn an extra 1000 - 2000 per month by doing a little Blogging in your spare time!