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Gate Hosting Review

This is a competitive web hosting service that believes it is better to work smarter than harder. Using this concept, they provide customers with the best possible web hosting services.

They use the latest technological developments to ensure quick and reliable service, as they understand your website is often an important way of generating money from consumers who access the website to purchase goods and services.

They know that a loss of uptime means loss revenue for you and possibly a loss of a hosting customer for them.

Gate takes pride in offering web hosting services to businesses. They have a unique philosophy that differs from many other web hosting providers. Gate believes it isn’t enough that your website continually functions without interruptions or technical issues, so they go a step further to help you create a website that is an inviting calling card for consumers, encouraging them to come back again and again. This is important since most consumers do not purchase goods or services on their first visit to a website.

This wonderful web hosting company contributes its success to many factors. They were the first web hosting company to implement the process of clustering for customer accounts. They continue to perfect this process when advances in this technology are available. Gate feels the biggest contribution to their success comes from their dedicated team, who continue to expand their knowledge and skills in the area of web hosting. The designers are able to make changes that work for customers, without disrupting the current accessibility to their website.

This web hosting company has dedicated customers who are very appreciative of all they have gained from Gate Hosting. The company provides many educational tools, as well as advertising and tracking for customers. For example, the TrafficZug allows customers to promote their business on both Yahoo and Google and ValueTraffic tracks a customers online advertisements.

The Search Engine Optimizer helps customers improve their search engine rankings. This generally increases traffic to the website, because most internet users of search engines start with the first link. Once they find the material they are looking for, they stop searching. Gate’s do-it-yourself tools including increasing website productivity and productivity solutions that offer valuable information to customers. Their marketing tools including banner makers, promotional software, and Google AdWords, which help customers generate more traffic to their website as well.

Gate offers four great packages for customers to choose from:

Unix Hosting costs $9.95 per month; offering 5 GB of disk space, 200 GB for data transfer, and 500 mailboxes.

Mach 50 offers 10 GB of disk space, 500 GB for data transfer, and 1,000 mailboxes. The cost is $14.95 each month.

Mach 500 offers customers 50 GB of disk space, 1,000 GB for data transfer, and 1,000 mailboxes; all for the low monthly cost of $29.95.

Mach 1000 offers customers the option of 100 GB disk space, 2,000 for transfer data, and 1,000 mailboxes.

All four options are standard with spam and virus protection. They are all guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

This web hosting service provider is well respected in the industry. Customers are very happy with the level of service they receive, as well as the excellent customer service offered to them which includes customer service representatives that are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Be assured you will never experience long waits for a representative due to high call volume and e-mail issues will get a response within 12 hours or less. Gate Hosting takes pride in providing outstanding services to businesses of all sizes.

Gate offers customers the unique opportunity to help their web hosting business grow.

Customers can earn money reselling their services as well as referring others to sign up. With four great packages of web hosting services to choose from, customers don’t have to pay for what they will never use.

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