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FrontPage Hosting Intro

FrontPage is a powerful and versatile WYSIWYG editor. Using FrontPage it is possible to author and amend websites that contain various applications. Within the FrontPage program there are numerous applications that are easy to install and easier to use. The point and click style of design and creation means that you do not need to understand any coding whatsoever. For inexperienced programmers, FrontPage is an excellent alternative to learning to program and in many respects it is preferable to other web page editors because of the fact that it comes included with the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

Why Webmasters Choose FrontPage

Inexperienced programmers have the ability to add relatively complex applications to websites without having to learn to program. It is also more forgiving that attempting to learn while you are in the process of creating a site. A single mistake in a page of HTML can wreak untold havoc and be incredibly difficult to spot if you don’t exactly what you are looking for. Because FrontPage is a WYSIWYG editor you do not need to use any programming or coding of any description. You can add tables, hit counters, navigation bars, and much more just with a few clicks of the mouse.

About FrontPage Extensions

FrontPage, like a number of Microsoft applications, uses its own very distinct code. While this isn’t a problem in many cases it can cause some difficulties when it comes to web hosting. Your hosting provider must provide FrontPage extension support in order for you to be able to take advantage of the more dynamic and more complex features of FrontPage. While it is still possible to author a very static web page using a host that does not specifically provide FrontPage hosting, you would be better taking full advantage of the FrontPage features that are on offer.

Windows Or Linux Platforms

It isn’t necessary to look for Windows hosting plans if you have built your site in FrontPage. FrontPage sites can also be hosted using Linux operating system platforms. The thing to look for is FrontPage extension support if it’s needed. An increasing number of the more affordable hosting plans are beginning to include support for these extensions so it has become easier to find a FrontPage hosting provider.

FrontPage Version Compatibility

Remember there is more than one version of FrontPage. 1997, 2000, and 2003 versions are available although extensions and therefore code is backward compatible from one version to the previous version. If you have built your site using an earlier version of FrontPage than your host supports then you might discover that certain elements have become obsolete and are no longer supported. Check which version of FrontPage is supported and ensure that this won’t cause a problem for your pages.

Going Beyond FrontPage Support

Be aware that some FrontPage hosting accounts may offer FrontPage support but may not actually install it as standard with all accounts. When looking for a FrontPage hosting provider ensure that the extensions you require are supported. If needs be find the technical support line number and call them. There is a big difference between a server offering FrontPage support and one that has FrontPage extensions installed. In the majority of cases you should certainly be looking for the latter.

Using A FrontPage WPP

One of the easiest solutions to ensure that you really do get the right FrontPage hosting provider is to look for a FrontPage WPP. A WPP, short for Web Presence Provider, must have registered with Microsoft and must also guarantee to provide complete support for all aspects of FrontPage hosting. For anyone that has built a site using FrontPage this takes any of the gamble out of looking for a host.


FrontPage is a useful WYSIWYG web editor. It offers non-technical webmasters the opportunity to design and create their own sites. It also allows the inclusion of dynamic page features that would otherwise be difficult to code and include on a website. The most important aspect once the site has been built is to find a good FrontPage hosting provider. Many claim to offer FrontPage support but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the appropriate FrontPage extensions installed on the server you will be using. If you are in any doubt then contact the hosting provider and ask the question. Using a Microsoft registered FrontPage WPP is another alternative because they are registered with Microsoft and must provide full FrontPage support and have all FrontPage extensions installed.