FortuneCity Hosting: A Hosting Provider With Experience

When Fortune City came into the Web hosting scene in 1997, they were able to take advantage of the opportunities around them and expand their reach to over 10 million websites -- making them one of the largest Web hosting providers in the world. Their supportive staff and commitment to their customers have made them what they are today -- a hosting provider trusted by millions, both by individuals and business owners alike.

Unfortunately, their road to success was not paved with roses, as they did have to survive the Internet bust in the late Nineties. However, despite these hardships, they have been able to keep their company, services, and reputation intact and are now a leader in their industry. Nowadays, Fortune City is well funded and financially successful. They have enjoyed an impressive past and they are set up to enjoy an even more impressive future.

Their mission is “to demonstrate to loyal customers each day the commitment to provide the best services available in the market — without exception”. They display this mission everyday by helping each of their customers find solid answers and solutions to any questions or problems they may have. This commitment to their customers keeps their customers committed to them. Their focus is on quality service at affordable prices, because they believe that everyone should get their money’s worth -- whether they are a business owner or an individual making a small website for their family.

Fortune City is designed for use by the first-time Website builder or the seasoned pro. They have programs available geared toward everybody’s experience level. No matter if you are 13, 43, or 83, you will be able to find a Fortune City program that you understand and that is easy for you to use. All of Fortune City’s products and services are developed with the customer in mind, which is an essential part of ensuring that all services are easy to use for all customers. The easier and more user-friendly the product, the better for the customer.

For the experienced professional building a Website, Fortune City offers products compatible with all major web publishing tools and offer a wide array of resources to enhance your web site. Even though all services are designed for the novice to create their own web site, a team of experts is also available in order to customize a professional web presence for your needs. This is a great service for those who are running a business online and need to present a professional image to their potential customers, but who also have no Website experience and do not want to hire a programmer onto their staff.

Backing up the programs is their fully-staffed customer support team. Their expert team is ready and able to answer all questions and settle any issues so that the customer can continue to create an online presence. For customers requiring further support, Fortune City also offers design and consultation services. These services will help you make sure that you put your best foot forward, having the best Website design to attract customers.

Fortune City offers two different groups of plans: Individual and Small Business. Individual Plans consist of a Starter and Personal Plan, while the Small Business Plans consist of the Business Plan and Advanced Plan. Each one is priced accordingly for the services offered. On the low end, the services include 75MG of disk storage, 16GB file transfer, 6 email accounts, plus: FTP access, and Easy Web Site Build Tool. On the higher end for Advanced Small Business Plans, services include 7GB file storage, 240GB file transfer, 75 email accounts, plus: Shopping Cart, Free Pro-Template Gallery, Live Chat with Customer, Free Ecommerce Store, plus much more.

Their web site construction service helps each customer devise a web presence specifically suited to their needs. With over 3,000 pre-designed layouts to choose from, it is easy to customize a web site that stands out. Or, if consultation with one of their pros is needed, one of their website designers will work with the customer to build an ideal site in less than ten business days.

Domain registration is only $8.95 a year. Domain name features include: Fortune City park page, domain forwarding availability, domain locking, web-based control panel, Site Control.

Fortune City’s ecommerce plans include four different options: Starter Plan, Standard Plan, Pro Plan, and Pro Plus Plan. On the starter end, they offer Advanced Web Hosting, Store Sense Shopping Cart, Real-time, secure credit card and electronic check processing, Integrated shipping options, and eBay options. On the Pro Plus Plan level, more advanced options include: notifying suppliers of orders by email, EDI, or fax, Virtual inventory, wholesale pricing, and affiliate program creation.

Email plans are also very varied. The Personal Plan offers 3 email addresses, the Standard Plan offers 10, and the Professional Plan offers 100 email addresses. Regardless of the plan, services include free and same day setup, 24/7 tech support, and Personal Email Manager. All email plans also have 24/7 tech support, anti-virus protection, web-based administration, web mail access, and data backup.

Fortune City also has extensive Business Solutions that enable you to choose the best fit for your specific needs. Services such as Site Brand enable customers to track and report the visitors to their sites. It then allows them to better customize their site to meet their customer’s needs. There’s also a Search Submission option to list your web site with numerous search engines, and resubmit as needed.

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