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Any one who uses a computer today should be careful and keep up with the latest safety and security precautions. Computers are ideal and they help us in many ways and can do so many different things for us, but you have to protect yourself at all times.

The information on your computer is often very personal in nature and you do not want unwanted people to have access to it. You do not have to worry about having problems and most of them can be prevented from ever happening in the first place. Most of it is basic computer sense. You can follow a few simple guidelines and all of your sensitive data can be protected.

Security Guidelines

Firewalls – it does not matter what system you have (Windows 95 or Windows Vista), you should always use a firewall. The newer versions of Windows (Windows XP & Windows Vista), do have some very nice safety features including Windows Defender, which is built in to Vista and available for download for XP, but some people disable them and lose all of that protection. Windows Defender is not just a firewall, but also a complete security center. Windows XP has a built in firewall and it also should never be turned off. You should have your system do automatic updates if it is possible to set it up this way. This will take the worry of having to do them yourself and also “one less task” you will need to do. If you have an older version then you should be sure to get a firewall. You can easily find them online by doing a search or in your local software retailer. There are many programs available for free and if money is a problem, you may want to check into this type of firewall. The only drawback on some of the free ones is they cannot be set automatically, but there are many that will still give you this feature. It may take some of your time to research them to find the one that is right for you, but it will be worth it in the end. Your safety is well worth the time spent. If you cannot have it set up to do automatic updates be sure you do them manually.

When you first install your firewall you will have to take the time to set it up correctly. Many times you will be asked on your first visit to certain web pages if you want to “allow” or “deny” access to them. This process can be a little bothersome at first, but once you have the pages set up you will not have to do it again. A firewall will prevent many intruders from gaining access to your system and causing you any troubles.

Anti Virus – you should also never disable your anti virus program. As with the firewalls, there are many systems that have this feature built in and they can also be set to do automatic updates and system scans on a set schedule. If you are able to do this by all means do. These programs are also available from your local stores or online and can be many different prices including “free”. There are some very good applications available to everything you need to keep viruses or other unwanted intrusions from your system.

Anti Spyware – you can have additional protection by using an anti spyware program on your system. You should get one of these if your computer does not come with one. These programs may have to be done manually, but some of them do come with automatic updates and scans like some of the anti virus ones.

It does not matter where you get your firewall, anti virus, and anti spyware programs from or how much they cost; what really matters is that you have all of them installed, updating and working on your system at all times. If you follow this simple basic computer sense you will not have to worry about your security.

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