FatCow Hosting: One Easy Plan & One Low Price

FatCow provides the best web hosting services to its consumers, keeping them happy and satisfied as the company continues to grow. Many customers participate in the reseller program because it benefits them tremendously, enabling them to make money by offering FatCow’s services to their own customers under their own name. FatCow takes pride in offering customers the best technology in web hosting, as well as access to the best customer support team in the industry.

FatCow has been providing web hosting services since 1998, as part of an industry in which they are very well respected. Customers find them refreshing because they offer quality services, yet they keep things simple for customers to easily understand. There is no difficult sign up process or complicated pricing charts to follow. FatCow mainly provides web hosting services to individuals and small businesses.

The ‘one plan’ philosophy of FatCow is well received by customers. They know exactly what they are going to get and how much it is going to cost. There are never any hidden charges to catch you off guard. For those who don’t need a complete hosting plan, FatCow offers the Mini Moo. This plan offers only a domain name and an email address. This is great for people who only need a customized e-mail address for customers or business contacts to reach them at, without having to waste money on all the extras that they will never use. Customer service is happy to help you decide which plan will work best for you. You can contact them by phone or email with any questions or technical problems. There is never a charge for contacting customer service.

The FatCow web hosting plan is $99 per year. This plan offers 15GB of disk space and 150 GB of data transfer. You will also be provided with 1,500 emails per month, which will come with unlimited forwarding. This plan is great for almost anyone and the price is very affordable. What’s more is that there is no setup fee!

You will receive 24 hours system monitoring and a back up generator system through FatCow. Also, If you require a bit more of anything offered in this plan, you can contact the sales department who will be glad to upgrade that area for a small fee, to customize the FatCow plan to meet your particular needs.

The Mini Moo plan is $5 annually. That’s right, $5 annually, not monthly! This is great for those in the process of creating their website. You can secure your domain and email, and then post a message for consumers that tells them your site is under construction. The Mini Moo plan comes with access to the SiteDelux website building tools. This is a great resource for those who don’t have the budget to spend on paying someone to design a website for you.

There is a great reseller program at FatCow for customers to take advantage of. It allows you to offer FatCow’s services to your own customers, while making a profit for yourself. You will earn 50% commission for those referals during each billing cycle.

FatCow understands that small businesses can’t always afford the various costs that big businesses can, so they strive to eliminate this issue. For example, rather than a small business purchasing a credit card processing machine, they can let FatCow process those transactions for them.

FatCow takes pride in offering outstanding web hosting features to individuals and small businesses alike. They do it at an affordable price and offer many great tools for customers to improve or build their websites. FatCow is a leader with business practices that all businesses can learn from. Furthermore, they continually strives to exceed the needs of all of their customers, no matter who they are. Lastly, they also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee to all customers if they are not completely satisfied.

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