E-commerce Software
Choose Well And Gain Business, Choose Badly And Lose It

Beating The Dot Com Decline
Experts and analysts may believe that the dot com boom is dying to some extent but one thing is for sure, 10 million online purchases a day would indicate that e-commerce is far from dead. It may be true that the growth and the potential for making money has slowed but there is still very much a potential for anyone willing to put in the research, time and effort to make money selling their own or other people’s products online. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular all around the world and there are obvious reasons for both the consumer and the storeowner.

Online Customers Are Well Educated Customers
The one big plus that the Internet has over any other medium is the ease and speed in which any transaction can be completed. Doing your weekly or monthly grocery shopping does not need to be a trial of the trolley or a dash for the till because thousands of people can be shopping for the very same item in the very same store at the very same time. However, the speed and ease aren’t the only benefits that online shopping has to offer and it is important that if you want to set up an e-commerce site or if you are bidding to improve your e-commerce performance then you should do all you can in order to provide customers with exactly what they desire.

Avoid Abandoned Transactions
It is quite clearly a fact that speed and ease are important. It is reported that nearly half of all online transactions are abandoned because websites are too slow or for other problems. If your website suffers this fate then it does not necessarily mean that the customer will give up completely, there is more than a reasonable chance that they will only give up using your site and will move on to another quicker website. Not only will you lose a customer during this process but also you will also effectively hand a customer over to your competition that will do their utmost to retain that customer’s business for future transactions. A loss of one $5 sale may mean the loss of hundreds of dollars over time.

Quick Response Team
All websites should respond to customer enquiries within a short space of time, and this is especially important of e-commerce websites. You may think that a 24-hour or 48-hour response time is good, but your customers do not. Shoppers expect a response to emails within 5 hours. A lot of your first time business will come from impulse buyers and if you take two days to respond to an email there is no spare of the moment impulse left in your potential customer. Also bear in mind that online shoppers do not work on a strictly working day basis and they may not even be in the same time zone as you or your website.

Comparison And Review
Online shoppers are much more informed than their offline counterparts. The Internet is awash with comparison sites and review sites. Nearly every single customer who looks at your website will shop around to ensure they are getting the best deal and many of these people will even take into consideration the shipping and handling costs. You may not be able to out price every single site on the Internet but you should do your best to make sure you can either offer the products at a better price than most or offer something extra into the bargain.

Converting Potential Customers To Customers
Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and unless you are able to offer potential customers what they want then they will only ever remain potential customers. Making sales is how your company will stay afloat but the sale is only the very end of a long and involved line. You must take into account all of the different steps along the way in order to ensure a smooth transition from browser to shopper. Customer services is always an important point when it comes to running a business and you must ensure that you offer accurate and timely information. If you are unable to give a definite response within 5 or 6 hours then you should contact your customer and let them know the reason for the hold up and if possible offer them something as a way of keeping them happy.

Choosing The Right E-Commerce Software
The e-commerce software you use on your website will be vitally important, partially because of one particular issue we have yet to discuss. Online security has always been on the minds of online shoppers. When e-commerce was first introduced, providing an adequate level of security was an issue because there were no reasonable systems in place or software that could really cope with the pressures of online shopping. However, modern e-commerce software offers an incredibly high level of security. This means your customers can shop with you knowing that their details are in safe and trustworthy hands.

Good Systems Retain Business. Bad Systems Lose Business
While budget is obviously important to any new and existing e-commerce venture you should ensure that you get the best possible e-commerce software for your requirements. Good software will not only provide security for your customers but it will be quick to load with very few instances of customers aborting purchases and it will also help you with stock management, finance management and even tax management. Choose carefully and the e-commerce software you opt for could win you business but choose badly and it will almost certainly lose you business.