Dotster Domains: 3 million Registered Domains and Counting is a worldwide leader in domain registration, web hosting, and online advertising. With main offices in Vancouver, Washington, they have expanded their services to over 3 million registered domains and they provide their services to customers all over the world. Although their customers are diversified, they offer the same great products and services to all corners of the globe.

The Dotster mission is “to provide a range of innovative, reliable and easy-to-use Internet solutions to our customers and to support them with unprecedented, personalized support.” This mission statement shows that they are committed to making your hosting experience as customized to your needs as possible. There is an extensive FAQ page that addresses – in-depth - questions of every aspect of domain names. Their hosting servers allow customers to store website files so visitors can find them on the Internet in a search or if they type the name into the navigation bar.

Dotster offers 8 plans to choose from. Whatever their customer needs are, there is a plan that is specific to their needs. Each plan has a 2-year subscription and includes options like an annual payment option, DNS management, spam filters, IMAP/SMTP email authentication, email anti-virus protection, web analytics tools, and password protected directories, to name a few. As part of the more advanced packages, there are monthly payment options, ability to create subdomains, and SSL support.

However, despite the packages you choose, you can still cherry-pick any option you might want to include, such as: SSL Certificates, Email packages, site promotion, custom site, domain tools, and partnership opportunities. So, if you want the backing of the SSL certificates, you can have your choice of which one to place on your web site. Email packages also vary. If it’s email only that you require, then it’s email accounts and storage that you will get, and at a very affordable price. There are also add-ons available for email, should you want them.

Dotster offers three ways for you to build your web site. You can either go it alone with SiteBuilder, work with one of Dotster’s experts to have them design a site for you, or you can use outside tools with their domain.

Local Site Promotion is an option for small-to-medium sized businesses that want to increase their online visibility. This option allows you to target specific geographic areas, puts search engines to work for you, allows you to pay for results only, create special online offers, and track and report on visitors to your site. This is a great option for smaller businesses that are either just starting out or just have smaller budgets. This reaches people at the point where they are ready to purchase.

Unlike other web hosting companies, Dotster offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) services. These plans offer unlimited domains, install applications with root access, and resell hosting. This allows you the freedom and flexibility of a dedicated server at a much more affordable cost. VPS is ideal for either business or personal use. There are Linux and Windows VPS plans available. It enables the user to manage hosting for multiple domains and is great for entrepreneurs, businesses, web developers, hosting resellers, software developers, and open source enthusiasts, to name a few.

Dotster’s domain tools are extensive. They include such options as: WHOIS Privacy and Spam Shield, which do what their names infer; domain sync, which allows you to sync your sites so that billing will be handled on the same dates; domain tools bundle, which clusters the benefits of email forwarding, URL forwarding, and DNS management; Namesafe, which keeps intruders from updating account ownership, name server, and contact information, as well as from moving your domains between accounts and authorization registrar transfers; transfer lock, which prevents individuals from transferring your domain names without your consent; and Ownership Transfer, so when you buy a domain from another owner, Dotster will ensure a smooth transition of ownership for you.