Dot5Hosting Review
Get a Value at a Price Much Lower Than the Competition

Dot5Hosting is one of the leading web hosting companies out there today. Their customers rave about the service they receive from Dot5 Hosting because it is complete and uncompromising. Everything you need to maintain your website is available from this web host, so you do not have to search for ‘extra’ services somewhere else. The excellent customer service and a competitive price that is lower than the competition, helps to keep Dot5 Hosting gaining new customers every day.

Dot5Hosting currently has over 25,000 active customers. It is a leader in providing quality web hosting services to businesses and individuals. Located in California, Dot5 Hosting has servers that link the internet using fiber optic connections. Customers are offered very affordable web hosting services with excellent customer service that is well trained in all aspects of web maintenance.

Dot5Hosting offers three unique web hosting packages to meet the varying needs of their customers. With such a selection, almost anyone is sure to find a Dot5 package that is right for them. This company realizes that home websites, small business sites, and large company sites all have different needs and seeks to address that problem with its various offerings.

Regardless of which package you choose, all come with the standard features. These features include 100 GB of storage, up to six domains under one account, and one free domain name forever. You will have unlimited email access, including forwarding options and automatic response. Dot5Hosting uses the best technology available to offer you the best web hosting services available.

Signing up for web hosting services with Dot5Hosting is fast and easy. Their setup is free and you can sign up for a two year plan for only $4.95 a month. One year plans are offered at a rate of $5.95 per month. All other plans cost $6.95 per month. If you have any problems with the sign up process, you are encouraged to contact customer service. For those customers who are not sure if Dot5 Hosting is for them, consider viewing the free online demo. This live demo will show you all that Dot5 Hosting has to offer, before you try it out for yourself.

Dot5 Hosting offers excellent customer service. There is a toll free number available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you experience a technical issue, submit a ticket via email. Someone will respond to your ticket issue very quickly. For your convenience, Dot5 Hosting offers an informative question and answer section. If you are experiencing technical issues, consult their troubleshooting area. This step by step tour will walk you down the path to finding the solution to your technical dilemma. There also is a news section, where you can find all the new information about Dot 5 Hosting and any announcements that may effect you or your service. Downloads are also available in the library free of charge. Here you will find manuals and software.

This web hosting company has high regards for your safety and security. They want to ensure the confidential data of your consumers stays that way. To do this, Dot5 Hosting provides generators for backup, closed circuit monitoring, and air conditioned systems. Dot5 Hosting relies on high power technology, allowing them to provide fast service that is of the best quality to its customers.

Dot5 Hosting is rated one of the best web hosting companies available. They offer services at a price that is less than most of the competition. They also offer great service packages that will meet the particular needs of the customer. Dot5 won the 2006 Editors Choice Award for best web host. This company has received excellent reviews by customers, which shows in their loyalty to the company. Customers are very happy with the safety and security measures, taken by Dot5 Hosting, to protect their website and the consumers who use them. In addition, new customers continue to sign up for web hosting services from Dot5 Hosting every day.

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