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Determining The Type Of Hosting Plan You Require
The hosting of your website is vital to its success. Choosing the right type of hosting that not only matches your individual needs but also those of your website or online business is absolutely essential. However, for the inexperienced or first time Webmaster the hosting industry can appear overwhelming and confusing to say the least. There are so many variants that finding the right one will seem virtually impossible. The key is first and foremost conducting good research and once you know of the type of hosting you require read reviews and find the most advantageous hosting plan for your requirements.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?
Dedicated hosting is the leasing of an entire server from a hosting company. While most websites and most businesses choose to use shared hosting, where several sites share a single host, dedicated hosting offers much more in the way of power, disk space, and other features. In terms of these features it is comparable to purchasing and maintaining your very own server except that it is far from being as cost prohibitive. If you don’t intend to implement a very large website with a lot of dynamic pages then in all reality you are unlikely to need dedicated hosting.

The General Advantages Of Leasing A Dedicated Server
The advantages of leasing a dedicated server are typical of the advantages of leasing virtually any product. However, with a leased server you also have the advantage that you do not need to maintain the server yourself. Another way to look at it is that you are paying for exclusivity rights on the server. You are ensuring that you are the only website to be hosted on one particular server so should the need arise you can take every bit of proffered disk space and utilize the full data transfer capabilities that it offers.

Sites That Might Require Dedicated Hosting
Sites that are heavy with dynamic content are the ones that usually require the features of dedicated hosting. However, sites with a large amount of content that is regularly updated or continually being added to can also benefit. Sites with a lot of traffic on a daily basis would certainly benefit from the increased performance and the larger monthly bandwidth allowance.

Dedicated Hosting Versus Shared Hosting
Shared hosting accounts are peppered with limitations. Disk space is limited, bandwidth is limited, and email accounts are limited to name just a few of the most pertinent limitations. In contrast, dedicated hosting is limited purely by the server itself and not the hosting company. The better the processor, the more robust the technology, and the greater the size of the RAM and hard drive the higher the limits on all aspects of your hosting. It is also possible to use a dedicated server as an email server giving you a virtually unlimited number of email accounts.

On the flip side of the coin is the expense and the lack of features. Shared hosting accounts tend to include many different features that help design a site, maintain a site, and even market that same site. Dedicated hosting offers less of these features in most cases. The other difference is that while shared hosting is available from as little as $10 or less per month, dedicated hosting isn’t. Typically you should expect to pay up to and above $100 per month.

Dedicated Hosting Versus Your Own Server
Owning your own server gives you complete control over the setting up, running, and maintaining of your host. In all honesty this presents few advantages over paying for a dedicated server account. Owning your own server may not require a monthly subscription fee but it does require an initial fee that can be very large because of paying for the server itself, somewhere suitable to house it, running costs, and also employment costs for somebody to manage the server.

By using a dedicated hosting account you receive virtually all of the same benefits, namely the limitations are almost non-existent and the power is much greater. However, you don’t own the server yourself. You do not have to ensure that you have emergency procedures in place, you don’t have to manage the climate around the server and you don’t have to dedicate a room to house the server.

Things To Look For With Dedicated Hosting Plans
You will need to determine several factors that you require from your dedicated hosting account before jumping in and paying your subscription. Initially you should determine the operating system that the server will need. The two most popular choices are Windows and Linux Redhat. Your choice will be determined by the software that you intend to run on your website and which operating system it is compatible with. Generally Linux is more inexpensive.

Choosing A Control Panel
Decide on the control panel you intend to use. While this should play an important part in any hosting choice, it becomes particularly pertinent when deciding on a dedicated hosting plan. Some control panels allow the management of numerous domains and websites whereas others lack this level of management. If you are running numerous domains then you should choose a hosting plan that includes CPanel or Plesk. Plesk is the most popular because it offers much greater functionality to any websites hosted.

Safety And Security
Safety and security are major issues for anyone that uses the Internet. Running a website means you should pay extra attention to both. Shared hosting puts you in league with a number of other websites and any of these websites could be uploading a file that contains a particularly nasty virus that is contracted by anyone around it. If this is the case then your site will suffer the ill consequences as a result. You are the only person that has access to your dedicated server making it secure and reliable.

Dedicated Hosting Summary
Dedicated server hosting offers an exceptional level of security, power, performance, and safety. However, for many sites it is clearly over the top in respect of price and the fact that smaller sites simply do not require that level of power. When choosing a dedicated server plan you should first determine the ideal operating system for your requirements and then also determine the control panel you wish to use. From here it is a case of finding the plan that offers the better processor and larger amounts of RAM and hard drive.





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