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Compatibility and usability are everything in a control panel, and Cube Panel offers both in abundance. Not only is it compatible with Linux and Unix but also Windows servers. It is also offers an intuitive, simple interface that takes no time to master.

All upgrades and patches are available as part of the service plan for the twelve months following your purchase so you can be assured that you offer your clients or your website the latest control panel version.

The Cube Panel is packed full of features but offers a refreshingly simple interface. The home screen is where the action centers and contains all of the most valuable and useful links. Everything you need to do can be accessed from this page.


The small column on the left gives a brief overview of the statistics for your domain. AS well as showing how much disk space your site is currently using it also displays traffic volumes, in KB, the number of email accounts, email forwarding, mailing lists, MySQL databases, and FTP accounts.



For a more detailed version of these statistics and further information, the home page has a Reports button that links to all of this information. Traffic statistics detail the amount of inbound traffic compared to the amount of outbound traffic. Web statistics is a more detailed view of the figures above, while the FTP statistics shows the number of FTP accounts as well as the amount of data that has been transmitted via FTP.

Domain Options

Domain options are broken down into two different pages. The Domain Permissions page displays the actual permissions you have according to your account. This includes scripting support, extension support, and whether you have the ability to add new FTP and other accounts. The Domain limits show exactly what you are entitled to use with your current package. The total number of email accounts, aliases, data transfer, website capacity, mailbox capacity, and other figures are included in this page enabling you to easily keep track of whether you need to upgrade your package or any of these factors.

Domain And Hosting Settings

Hosting configuration is the page that displays your username and your current password. This is also the page where you can change your password if needed. Domain data, situated next to the Configuration button shows all current information held regarding your domain name and enables you to update any fields you like. This includes your company name and address among other fields. The Domain data also shows your domain name, IP address, and type of account you have. Further settings pertaining to access and your domain can be altered through the Access and Personalization pages.

Email Accounts


Your email accounts are managed through these three buttons on the main interface page. Clicking the email button takes you to your email management screen with further links to add new email accounts, manage email forwarding, and access your webmail. The mailing lists button takes you to your list management control and allows you to add a new mailing list and view existing ones via the web interface. Finally, if you have email filters enabled on your account you can enable them and disable them through the Email filters button.

Database Management

Managing your databases is done through the MySQL button on the Database menu. This gives you the ability to add a MySQL database and view existing ones. Adding a database is a very simple process, as is the amending and use of an existing one.


This is the final group of buttons in your control panel, called the Hosting buttons.



You can quickly and effectively give new FTP users accounts through the FTP Accounts button. This can provide those that need access to your site with a simple way to upload, download, and amend files that are on your server.


The regular backup of your whole website can prevent lost data and serious headaches. Fortunately Cube Panel provides a devastatingly simple way to do just that. By clicking the Backup copies button you are taken to the following backup management screen:



Once you’ve filled in the first two fields you can create a one off copy, or alternatively by selecting daily, weekly, or monthly in the Frequency drop down box you can make regular backup copies as per your desired frequency. Backup copies can also be retrieved and restored through this simple interface.


Restrictions allow you to password protect certain directories, pages, and files on your website. The restrictions control panel provides easy access to add new restrictions and enable groups to have access to those areas. You can also edit any existing restrictions as and when necessary.

File Manager

While FTP provides a quick desktop based method to manage all the files on your server, sometimes it is more convenient to use a web based system to this end. The file manager offers you unrestricted access to your files and folders. As well as being able to upload new files and add new directories, through the following manager you can also edit various details of each file.



The log manager provides access to all log files. These show the most recent actions that have been taken on your domain and can provide invaluable information pertaining to your activities as well as those of your other users and site visitors.

FrontPage Extensions

Through the FrontPage Extensions button you can install FrontPage extensions allowing you to design, create, and publish your website with Microsoft FrontPage and host it on your server.

Cost And Licenses

As with the majority of control panel licenses the amount you will need to pay for a Cube Panel license is dependent on the number of domains you wish to use it for. While the minimum number of domains per license is an unusually high 30, the cost for this package is 80 Euros. The unlimited domain package, ideal for the major host, costs 305 Euros.

Cube Panel Conclusion

Cube Panel offers a simple interface that has a surprising number of features and information. The major selling point of Cube Panel is just how simple the control panel is to operate is. Wherever other major control panels become bogged down with often unnecessary features and navigational links Cube Panel has resisted that temptation instead opting for a simple navigation system.

The licenses are slightly restrictive if you are a reseller with limited customers or simply want a good control panel for yourself on your own server. However, while the minimum license may be for 60 domains it is also very cost effective priced at the equivalent of around $100.

Cube Panel Lite is a free function limited version of Cube Panel that is certainly useful for single domain users that still want to retain a lot of power over their own server. The Cube Panel control panel, compatible with Linux and Windows based servers offers a very good alternative to the major control panels on the market and because of its cross compatibility and reasonable price it is likely to become more popular in the future.


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