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As far as hosting automation software goes cPanel is the major contender to the throne of most popular and most widely used. Prior to the introduction and widespread use of control panels like cPanel Webmasters were forced to learn and implement command line prompts. The ease and simplicity of cPanel is a far cry from the dark days of struggling yourself or employing someone to do many web hosting tasks for you. As well as being easy to use and attractively designed the user interface provides access to a rich set of features almost unparalleled in other control panels.


Generally speaking a control panel is judged by its ease of use, feature set, and usability. CPanel features are one aspect of this powerful control panel that really help to set it apart from most of its competitors.

Domain Management

Domain management becomes a breeze. You are able to manage all of the domains, sub-domains, parked domains, add-on domains, and redirected URLs through the main cPanel control screen. Also included are various statistics pertaining to these domains and sub-domains giving you full control of and easy access to the information that is the most important to you.

Email Management

Whether you require web based email delivery and management or you prefer the use of a desktop email client cPanel delivers the goods.

The mail manager menu not only provides a single source to manage your various email accounts, including the ability to set up domain forwarding and auto-responders but it also provides an easy way to fight spam (using SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper) and trace email addresses.

You can choose from two attractive and simple web based applications to read, reply, and send webmail.

Site Management

One of the most important things to consider is the amount of control you gain over your website. A control panel is essentially useless if it doesn’t provide the level of access and the ability to amend your website, your web pages, and your files as you see fit.

FTP manager lets you take control of your site and also enables you to keep control of those who have direct access to your root folders and the website itself. As with all aspects of cPanel it is graphically easy to control and self-explanatory. Anonymous FTP Access can provide your users with a simple and efficient way to download files directly from the server and, of course, you receive full control over all of the FTP accounts associated with your website.

Frontpage Extensions




Frontpage extensions can be installed or uninstalled from your site using the Frontpage Extensions button. If you intend to create and publish your site using Microsoft’s HTML publisher then this is a vital aspect to your account.



Other Site Management Functions

Other cPanel site management tools include the site backup function, preventing the heartache and potential loss of revenue associated with losing all of your files. Regular backups are always advised and because cPanel provides a simple two-click procedure to backup your entire site you have no reason to forget.

You can also use SSL, custom error pages, CronJobs, and a lot more.


Security is an important issue with every site, especially those that contain sensitive data within their root folders or those that use shared hosting with a number of other websites. CPanel enables users to block IP addresses from accessing their website. Clam AV, which is a free add-on, can be used to prevent the onslaught of viruses and other malicious software. Directories can be quickly and easily password protected allowing access only to registered users. Image hotlinking can be prevented as can bandwidth leeching.




Statistics can provide Webmasters and developers with a vast array of useful information. CPanel offers disk usage statistics so you know whether you will need to upgrade your package in the near future. It also includes bandwidth usage, web traffic, sub-domain stats, error logs, raw data, and specific analytics.   

Database And Development Tools

Development tools are found in plentiful supply and in a vast range including:





MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

PostGreSQL and phpPgAdmin

Tomcat and Mod_Mono installers

Scripts Library





The Scripts Library button provides you with access to a huge list of scripts that can be added to your site. This includes several shopping carts to choose from, guestbooks, chat rooms, image galleries, a wiki, content management systems, blog publishing software, counters, clocks, diaries, formmail, help tickets… The list really does go on and on.

Software Modules

As well as the standard cPanel application there are also software modules that can be added to your control panel. The cPanel DNS server is meant as a standalone Domain Name Server management control panel. The cPanel GS, short for cPanel Game Server, enables you to host online games for a large range of different games.


WHM, short for WebHost Manager provides a similar level of accessibility and ease of use for resellers and web hosts. As well as being able to control customer domain accounts in every possible way with just one or two clicks of your mouse you also have the ability to make backups of entire sites, transfer sites quickly and easily, manage reseller accounts, and view a host of information pertaining to your server statistics.

All the scripts included in the cPanel Webmasters control panel are also included in WHM and you have the opportunity to decide who gains access to which features. This means that you can offer a limited set of functions for your bargain plans and give access to everything for premium accounts.


It can, however, be cost restrictive if your host does not offer cPanel. Costs do vary and are most commonly available in the shape of a monthly subscription ranging from $45 to $60 per month. Bearing in mind that you can get access to a good hosting account for less than a quarter of this price it may make more sense to opt for the right hosting plan instead. Of course, if you manage a reasonable network of websites with different hosting plans or you want to offer reseller accounts then these costs can be soaked up quickly.

Overall View Of CPanel And WHM

Whether you are a Webmaster with a single site or network of sites, or you are a reseller or hosting company cPanel and WHM offer a very rich set of features that make website and account management very easy. Because it is so popular this also means that with a little shopping around for your next hosting or reseller hosting account you should have no difficulties finding a host that offers cPanel as standard. Do remember that while we have provided a list of the most common and most useful features, although not all features by any means, the final control of features that you receive access to will fall with the host you use. Some hosts may grant you full access to every available feature while others may reserve that for premium account customers.


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