CPanel Hosting

Using A Control Panel
The control panel is an important aspect of your hosting account. It is the interface that enables you to manage your account, your website, and your email. There are many different control panels on the market and each has its own unique features as well its own capabilities. Plesk and cPanel are among the two most popular control panels because they offer more in the way of functionality and user friendliness. CPanel is the most popular because it is also the most widely offered by web hosts for its attractive GUI (Graphical User Interface) and easy to use features.

Using The Latest Version
When looking for cPanel hosting you should always try to ensure that you receive the latest version of cPanel that is available. New versions have been released fairly regularly and this means that old versions become outdated quickly. While these are still very useful control panels the latest version almost certainly offers the latest in functionality, speed, and security.

A Web Based Control Panel
The first thing to note about cPanel is that it is entirely web based giving you access from any computer with Internet access. Whether you want to check your account, update your site, or manage your emails from work, from home, or from an Internet café you’re free to do so.

Website And Domain Control
You can control all of your domains or websites through your web based cPanel. This gives you complete access to your domains, sites, and any files that are associated with these sites. You have the ability to add new sites, delete sites, amend pages, and add new files for downloads as well as many other features.

The Range Of Statistics On Offer
Statistics and analytics are a big part of website management. CPanel gives you access to a wide range of these statistics. AW Stats is a graphical based log file that presents you with information regarding traffic statistics, log files, and even details regarding your specific visitors. You can view the countries where they live, the browser they use, and even the page that referred them to you so you can keep track of your advertising campaigns. CPanel also gives you access to FTP stats, disk space and bandwidth usage statistics, and web statistics.

Full FTP Access
FTP is the quickest and simplest way to upload and download files to and from the server. It gives you complete control over your website and enables you to make quick changes and additions from an FTP management application. For the more inexperienced designer, cPanel also gives web access to this same information. While it takes a little longer to edit information via the web you also have access to a graphical WYSIWYG editor. You can create new pages and even whole sites using this editor.

Site Add-Ons Powered By CGI Scripts
The latest versions of cPanel also include a range of CGI scripts. CGI scripts let you add various different applications to your site. These interactive, dynamic additions are certain to be a hit with visitors and will keep on the pages of your site for longer and ensure they return more often. CGI scripts include forums, blogs, galleries, and even a content management system.

Choosing A CPanel Hosting Provider
Many hosting packages include cPanel because of its power and user friendliness. This is good news for you, as a Webmaster, because it means that you concentrate your search on other factors. First, though, draw up a list of the cPanel hosting accounts that offer the latest version of cPanel. This will help to ensure that you get the latest features and the most power from your cPanel web interface.

Other Considerations
Consider how much bandwidth and disk space you will require and think of other factors such as whether you require support for certain programming languages or scripts. Also decide whether you want a Linux or Windows hosting plan. Always remember to remember to look at the network uptime guarantee and ignore any that have an uptime that is lower than 99.9%. Ensure that customer service and technical service is available and consider whether you would be more likely to contact them by email, phone, or another method and determine whether each host offers this availability.

CPanel Conclusion
CPanel is probably the most popular web control panel available. It offers a rich set of features as well as a GUI that is simple to understand and even more simple to use. For these reasons cPanel hosting accounts are also among the most popular making it very easy to find hosts that offer it. Once you have a shortlist of the companies that offer the latest version of cPanel then you are free to consider other factors to help determine which host you will use.